Thursday, August 20, 2015

A disabled Isère is stealing his wheelchair and his car – Le Figaro

Suffering from partial paraplegia from birth, Lalie Segond appeal to thieves that they “become aware” of the consequences of their actions.

Disabled since birth, Lalie Segond now lives cloistered at home. On 14 August, this author and speaker specializing on the subject of disability, has been robbed in his home. The thieves got hold of her wheelchair-designed and adapted vehicle, reveals Le Parisien. Besides the cost of the stolen goods, Lalie Segond finds himself in a very delicate situation. She can not move and perform the daily activities she had yet used. It deplores this “complicated situation”. “I can not go to the physio or shopping, I am a recluse at home,” she says.

Mom of a young boy, Lalie Segond says she can not take his son to school in September. “Technically, I reduced my trips. I have family and neighbors who help me, but I could not stand long, “she says.

On the night of 13 to 14 August in Varces-Allières-et-Risset, Lalie Segond sleeping in his apartment with his son. “Around 5 am, I saw a glow. I got up but I did not see anything unusual. ” Upon awakening, she notices that burglars broke into the slot. Lalie James Version says that “they went out the window. I think I have bothered getting up in the night. ” Emerged from the front door taking care to embark a game console and a bank card, the thieves walked away with the car and the wheelchair was in the trunk.

It launches appeal to thieves

Aged 41, Lalie Segond suffers from partial paraplegia since birth. If it moves crutch at his home “limping” she says, the author decided to appeal to thieves and hope to be heard. “I hope they realize what they stole. They must have known that the vehicle was suitable for disabled people. ”

The wheelchair, model “custom made” cost “between 3,000 and 4,000 euros.” It’s difficult to replace and equipment onéreux.Le vehicle is also adapted to his disability, there are nearly 2,500 euros for equipment according to it. “I have not the means to buy all Lalie explains, I live with a disability pension and author of my income.”

But more than the monetary value of the flight is “The autonomy value” lost Lalie Segond regret. “I’ve always built my life for my independence and autonomy. These are essential questions for me and I find myself in a very complicated situation today. “

” Moved by solidarity “

A complaint for” robbery with injury to person vulnerable “was filed with the police leading the investigation. For now, little evidence used to say who is behind the mischief, but “footprints were found and we know that this is not a controlled flight,” she explains.

For a week, she says being moved by the spirit of solidarity that is organized. “The gendarmerie and the municipality of Varce are inundated with calls for help me. People on Facebook are putting together a common pot. It’s very touching and moving, “she says.


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