Monday, July 4, 2016

Abdeslam Salah, held privileged? “He has no special treatment” – L’Express

Building D3, the fourth and last stage of the Fleury-Merogis prison in Essonne, the prisoner sleeps most watched France. Abdeslam Salah, only member still alive jihadist commando attacks of 13 November has special prison conditions, including increased surveillance that involves the presence of cameras filming the 24 hours 24. But it is not this that Thierry Solère shocked.

The deputy Republicans of Hauts-de-Seine who visited the prison with the Sunday newspaper is unworthy in a letter to the Minister of Justice of the provision of a gym for the exclusive use of Salah Abdeslam.

Fleury-Merogis has been “transformed into a holiday club for those who have declared war on France,” denounces for his part the president of France Arise, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. “It can really care about our mouth and our taxes!” Tance MP related the National Front, Gilbert Collard.

A rower or a bike

In fact, the device is not exceptional or “shocking” for connoisseurs of prison. “All persons placed in solitary confinement have at their disposal a special cell in which they access most of the time at a rowing machine or a bike. From the material, in general, not very good,” says L ‘ Express Delphine Boesel, a lawyer and president of the International Observatory of prisons.

Part of the floor was emptied for Salah Abdeslam. “Normally, it’s a segregation unit where are hosted media detainees. They can be in a gym. It has not been specifically created for him,” says a prison union source who said that the Molenbeek no access when the request but only on certain days at specific time slots. “It can not impose anything, that’s not the card,” she adds.

This cell is also part of the security system set up around this particular prisoner. “The idea is to avoid it moves elsewhere in the wing reserved for it. Otherwise, we would be forced to block the entire building so that it does not cross other detainees,” said Jerome Massip , national secretary general of the prison officers union non-supervisors. The side of the Ministry of Justice explains that this is to limit his movements “that this rower was placed in cell” next to hers. “As for his walk, he also performs only at eight meters from his cell.

“This is not a treatment. Or in this case, consider that six cameras which filmed day and night are special treatment, “joked Jerôme Massip who knows the scene, having worked there ten years.

others received the same treatment

the aim is also to prevent other inmates attending the same room can” hide objects or messages, in the false ceiling example. “in the past, the robber multirécidiviste Rédoine Faïd and a Corsican robber, Doumé Battini were suspected -without be sentenced for these Facts- have used this method when they were both at the isolation in the prison of Health, as recalled by the Mediapart journalist Matthieu Suc.

from prison officer’s memory, Abdeslam case is also not new. Several names have already received the same treatment as the “King of the beautiful” Antonio Ferrara or Yvan Colonna, convicted for the murder of prefect Erignac.

One question remains: that the number of supervisors that Salah Abdeslam mobilizing. Thirty in total, grouped in a specific team called Icarus. “This generates a lack of supervisors to other prison places,” laments our prison source. Fleury largest prison in Europe, suffers from overcrowding. More than 4,500 inmates for a capacity of 3036 people.


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