Thursday, July 7, 2016

Francois Hollande paid tribute to Michel Rocard, “beautiful and great figure of the Republic” – Le Figaro

VIDEO – In accordance with what he had asked in his will, the former Socialist Prime Minister is celebrated Thursday by a Protestant ceremony, a national tribute by the Head of State at the Invalides and finally in the socialist privacy in Solferino.

After the concert of praise following his sudden death on Saturday, three funeral ceremonies organized Thursday in Paris. Michel Rocard, suffering from cancer and died at age 85, had planned everything and left in his will a very specific place tributes he wanted. Tributes stand out in three stages: first religious, official and other Republican Invalides, and a last farewell over policy at the headquarters of PS

In the courtyard of the Invalides in Paris. François Hollande gave at midday a eulogy before dozens of prominent political figures. The Head of State hailed a “beautiful and great figure of the Republic,” a “bright personality” that marked “several generations”, tracing several milestones in his career. He praised a former government leader who was able to carry out “bold reforms”, a “brilliant intellectual”, “marveled a citizen of the world who conceived its action on the scale of the planet.” For the President of the Republic, Michel Rocard, theorist of the “second left”, never “played against his political family, even when he had to be away before François Mitterrand.” “That was his honor,” he insisted. He recalled that the former head of government, a man of “compromise” did not hesitate “to use the procedures provided for by the Constitution.” “And 28 times, he had to engage the responsibility of the government to pass key texts” such as CSG, he continued, in a clear allusion to criticism against the use of 49-3 to adopt the bill work. “Michel Rocard could have more responsibilities, but not having achieved has not reached.” Before Hollande is Edmond Maire, former secretary general of the CFDT, which paid tribute to the late socialist .

the government was almost full for the highlight of this day of tributes. Other prominent politicians were present, as Nicolas Sarkozy, Francois Bayrou, several former prime ministers Lionel Jospin as Edith Cresson, Laurent Fabius, and Alain Juppé, who participated in the commission for the “big loan” with Michel Rocard and whose name was quoted by François Hollande. Arnaud Montebourg, Gérard Larcher, or Valérie Pécresse attended the official ceremony.

Earlier in the morning, a crowd had pressed the Star Temple in Paris for a “farewell” to vibrant former Prime Minister, agnostic attached to “ethics” of Protestantism. Pastor Laurent Schlumberger, President of the United Protestant Church of France (EPUdF) read a text written by Michel Rocard, who also chose the songs for the ceremony. The Executive pair was also present. Politicians from both left and right have massed in the temple to welcome the human memory socialist state: Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Jean-Marc Ayrault, Pierre Joxe, Roland Dumas, François Bayrou, Bernard Kouchner, Marisol Touraine, but Laurence Parisot, president of MEDEF old.

Third and last time this funeral, the Socialists say goodbye to one of their mentor in Solferino, to 14h, for a sequence more political. Manuel Valls, who claims the legacy of Michel Rocard, will speak, as the first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, and the historian of socialism, Alain Bergounioux. Michel Rocard will then be cremated, his ashes to be buried in Corsica island home of his wife Sylvie.


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