Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The metro rolling doors open, the RATP opens investigation – TF1

“No accident, but quite impressive.” So says the author of an amateur video shot from inside the Tube Paris, showing a rolling train doors open between two stations. On the play, passengers present in the car do not seem to worry about it and remain unmoved. The video was hitherto unnoticed. But after being relayed on Twitter and several blogs in recent days, she goes around the web.

A trace of the incident on the “black box”

In response to the controversy, the RATP opened an internal investigation to authenticate the video and provide answers to questions that may arise,” says one to the press service. According to Le Parisien , anonymous sources at RATP confirm that a problem has been reported on this line between the stations and Segur Motte-Piquet-Grenelle and the governed have traced the incident on the “black box” of the machine.
Posted on Youtube on March 31, the legend says that we are on the metro line 10 (which connects the custody of the Austerlitz Bridge St. Cloud ed.) A line with the least recent hardware of the underground network. The trains are particularly lacking many modern security systems, especially one that prevents starting when open door reminds Le Parisien .

In the paper, a union is sounding the alarm: “The train in question was almost empty but would have given the same incident in rush hour.?”


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