Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You’re going to vote yes? No, no … – Courrier Picard

Who says democracy we mean a freedom. That of thinking what we want, to express opinions, to come and go, especially to organize and to choose their representatives. The French people had to fight to win the right to elect those who govern. And the Republic was amended over time to preserve, organize and increasingly value this fundamental freedom of citizens.

The rise of abstention is a recent concern. A spoiled child phenomenon. Our forefathers conquered one of the most powerful freedoms are, and we let gradually fall into disuse. Elected officials coopteraient clear that it would not make us neither hot nor cold! It is to fight against this lack Claude Bartolone suggests making voting compulsory. Other countries practice this measure, with or without financial penalty. And with or without success.

The proposal Bartolone is mostly a bitter admission of failure on the part of elected officials. If voters do not vote, it is not because they do not like it. This is because they do not see that change. The behavior of candidates, once elected, and the difficult distinction between the different parties, the fact that people do not understand that their poor ballot may guide their future. The voting system, too, infuriates them: so many parties for which they would be tempted to vote will never have representatives anywhere

Most importantly, incentives to vote were often advanced in reality. to block the National Front. The idea of ​​the promoters of compulsory voting, extreme vote is the fact of a civic minority than the whole. Extreme vote more than the rest of the population. Probably not entirely wrong, but the calculation is very bad. Because the bond is a double-edged sword which reveals that the elites take the French for fools. And that is really an invitation to … “evil vote.”


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