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A UDI, the many reasons not the primary – Release

The centrist UDI decided that the primary LR play without them. The members, called to vote electronically, voted nearly 67% against the participation of IDU in this consultation since no agreement has been reached so far with the party of Nicolas Sarkozy. A vote which had called the president of the center-right, Jean-Christophe Lagarde. The results were officially announced Sunday at the congress of IDU in Versailles.

“The result of this election is that to which we aspire all. This is at least a factor of unity between us, “ has not failed to be ironic, meanwhile, Hervé Morin, president of New Center, a major component of this federation had led first battle at the congress of his party for the UDI not to go.

“the instruments of our freedom”

But not sure that the “no” the primary has prevailed for the same reasons. For a part of IDU militants, the end of inadmissibility addressed to the staff of the Rue Vaugirard, party headquarters Republicans, marks the will of independence vis-à-vis their powerful centrist ally between 2002 and 2012 held them as insignificant given the weakness of their representatives in the national Assembly. “We must not abdicate our freedom, and the instruments of our freedom, it will be our future deputies” said Laurent Hénart, head of valoisien radical Party, a mainstay of the UDI. The point that foundered precisely when discussion drafts with RS, no candidate of the former UMP being willing to engage in a number of constituencies reserved for centrists in full internal election. “RS must get out of the single-party culture to adopt that of the coalition,” said Jean-Christophe Lagarde during his closing speech.

 Lawrence H & # xe9; nart  and Jean Arthuis the congress & # XE8; s of  the UDI, & # xE0; Versailles, March 19 Jean Arthuis (left) and Laurent Hénart (right) at Versailles on Sunday. (Photo Laurent Troude to Libération )

But for another segment of the UDI, this vote is a means to pressure LR to force them to conclude an agreement with IDU before the vote in this primary in November. “a party is made to have a candidate. If we do not go to primary, in this case you have to go for the presidency. we must the candidate will come out of this primary is that of the right and center. this requires that we participate there, “ says the senator and mayor of Meudon, Hervé Marseille. within the injection drug users, officials do not fail to point out that this vote has already LR move candidates to the primary. Alain Juppé has just written to Jean-Christophe Lagarde and Nicolas Sarkozy got in touch to arrange a meeting between the two parties. If ever an agreement were to be found in the coming months, UDI could then participate in the competition of the right and center. The members of the UDI would then again consulted, as pledged by the president of the centrist family.

single or plural Candidacy?

Another question would then arise , at the risk of falling centrists in their customary horrors: that should be the champion of the IDU? When asked to whether to present a single candidate or more, members responded in exactly the same proportion to both questions. “On one hand, in favor of a single candidate, there are troops and Lagarde for plural applications, all other leaders and their supporters,” ditch a leader of the UDI. “In rugby, there are two fundamental. It takes a melee that hold and perfect alignment. This was not the case for France against England. In politics, it’s the same thing and it’s not always the case with IDU “ Philippe smiled Folliot MP Tarn and host of” parliamentary XV “.

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