Saturday, March 19, 2016

Chantal Jouanno: “If there had to be a UDI candidate for 2017, I think it would be Jean-Christophe Lagarde” – francetv info

The UD Should I participate in the primary organized by the “ Republicans ” to nominate its candidate for the presidential election? Activists of the centrist parties federation have until tonight to decide by vote.

Probably the primary right

“My answer is no ,” said Chantal Jouanno , invited to Saturday Policy. “ And knowing the mindset IDU militants are separatists, it will not ” added Senator UDI of Paris. “ It makes no sense to say that it is a primary right and center at once that there was no discussion on what will be tomorrow our main common subjects ” she says.

It points out that he is also politicking discussions on the number of constituencies reserved for IDUs. “ The two are linked. It is necessary that the majority is in the Chamber is in phase with the future president “, she says, referring to the period 2007-2012 where “ he There was a majority that had constantly to seek to bring the presidential project . “

There ‘was never discussed. It will probably be the primary the right “, she summarizes tersely.

Jean-Christophe Lagarde natural candidate

The UDI she must present a candidate in the presidential election? “ It will depend on the winner of the primary and discussions have been initiated ,” replied Chantal Jouanno. But if the hypothesis is accepted, to be candidate for the UDI? “ If there is to be a candidate, my position is that our primary has already taken place with the vote for president of the UDI. It seems to me that the candidate is Jean-Christophe Lagarde. it is not worth having 36. the primary has already been made. We will not start “added Senator of Paris.

Can it bring sponsorship to Nathalie Koscisusko-Morizet, who may have difficulty collecting the required threshold, while their convictions are quite close. “ Once one does not participate in the primary and despite all the friendship I have for Nathalie, it is presented on behalf of the Republicans. It would have no consistency for me to sponsor Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet . I wish for her that she can participate because his word is necessary to right , “said Chantal Jouanno.

Architectural competition Inflation in Ile-de-France

It is also vice-president in charge of ecology in the Ile-de-France region. She will oversee the architectural competition launched this week by Valérie Pécresse? Is it to compete with projects initiated their sides by Anne Hidalgo and Emmanuel Macron?

That there are several thoughts on this subject, it is rather healthy. The issue of planning in Ile-de-France is decisive , “replied Chantal Jouanno. It highlights the originality of the regional project. “ The region has the specificity that have no metropolitan or other major regions in Europe to have this allaince between a rural and wooded area and a very urban area. Everything is done to now it has been in very densely populated areas, near Paris. We are what we want is that these major projects related to very remote areas. Build around the stations of the Grand Paris is not the same subject as going to build in the entire space of the region. It was unusual that the region remains absent from these discussions here , “she said, wishing” put forward architects, urban planners and landscapers Ile . “

Chantal Jouanno finally greeted the arrest of Salah Abdeslam. “ This is good news. That he was captured alive is essential to progress in the investigation. I think this shows the interest and cooperation between intelligence services in Europe and the need for more integration in the areas of justice and police, “ she says .


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