Friday, March 18, 2016

/ The diocese of Lyon organizes his defense – The Progress

In the media storm completely out of control, the diocese of Lyon appealed to a specialist crisis managements. This is Guillaume Didier, a former magistrate, converted the last fifteen years in strategy consulting.

React in real time

“Every crisis is unique, it n ‘there is no simple recipe, you need an appropriate environment to adapt to the institution concerned, in this controversy, what is striking is that it focuses much on one person, Cardinal Barbarin “says Guillaume Didier, who recently advised the clinic hit by the tragedy of fatal clinical trial in Rennes. The bishop spoke to him by knowledge in the Catholic community. Guillaume Didier had lent a hand to the family Moulin-Fournier, a native of Lyon, hostage Boko Haram in Cameroon in 2013. With his company Vae Solis, its primary mission is to “provide media monitoring.” That is to say, detect all the information circulating on all media, including social networks. “We need a real-time responsiveness,” says the former spokesman of the Ministry of Justice. No question as to impose “language elements” in the responses of the church facing the wave. “We help that the word is best understood, the better heard possible, it does not solve all the problems,” says this reinforcement. Not easy with such speed media. “What is difficult is to face episodes, sequences, revelations that are distilled,” notes Guillaume Didier, for whom “the very strong human dimension” makes the complex case. Old facts, profound suffering, moral, familial, institutional: difficult to quickly and simply …


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