Monday, March 21, 2016

Holland finally receive the families of the victims of the November bombings – Le Figaro

associations representing families of victims of the attacks that have hit Paris and Saint-Denis will be received Monday by the president. Citing “a very busy time,” the Elysee had initially refused to meet members of associations, before the arrest of Salah Abdeslam.

in the wake of the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, suspected of involvement in the attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris and Saint-Denis, the Elysee said that the head of state would receive Monday the associations representing the families of victims of the attacks. This decision comes on Thursday, the day before the arrest, associations representing victims and relatives of victims of the attacks of 13 November deplored the initial refusal of the Elysee to receive it.

February 11, the members were asked to meet Francois Hollande to discuss with him the French anti-terrorist policy. “We would like to meet you as soon as you expose to the expectations that are ours and so you can explain, without intermediary, what happened and avoid repetition of a national tragedy,” wrote Georges Salines President of “November 13: brotherhood and truth” and father of a victim of Bataclan

the office of the President had replied to this request in a letter dated March 3,.. The “stress of a hectic time” not allowed “unfortunately” Francois Hollande to “respond favorably” to the request. The association, in the same letter was redirected to the secretary of state, Juliette Méadel.

Georges Salines spoke Thursday on RTL radio to regret that decision. “That answer does not satisfy us at all,” he explained the next day. “We are already working so extremely Méadel followed with Juliette, who deals with victim assistance. But we wanted a political conversation, we wanted to ask the head of state to speak to us directly of terrorism, not to help victims, “he said at the Le Figaro .

But after those speeches of the president of the association said he received a call from the presidential office, the operation of the day that led to the arrest of Salah Abdeslam. The firm promised a date of meeting between the association and the head of state could be fixed. A call he was pleased, but probably would not happen, he said, without the media. “It would have been better to accept immediately,” he said.

The association “Truth November 13th Fraternity”, founded on 9 January, with “Life for Paris” one of the largest associations of victims of the terrorist attacks that killed 130 people and wounded 350 in Saint-Denis and Paris in November. Four hundred people now support the association and Georges Salines ensures it receives members of checks “every day.” Many cases of psychological distress have been reported. “France has been attacked but it is us or our children have paid, he said. We are ordinary citizens, but we represent the interests of the French people. What happened to us can happen to anyone. “


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