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Murder Aurelie Chatelain: Everything accuses Sid Ahmed Ghlam – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – April 19, 2015, in Villejuif, on the sidelines of an Islamist attack against a church failed project, Aurelie Chatelain, fitness instructor, 32, was found dead with a bullet in the heart, in his burned car. Algerian Sid Ahmed Ghlam, computer student, 24, was indicted for the murder. He delivered many alibis since his arrest on the day of the facts. The reconstruction of the crime takes place this Sunday. A decisive step for the lawyer of the family of the victim, Me Antoine Casubolo-Ferro.

LE FIGARO. – What do you expect of this reconstruction

What the family expects Aurelie Chatelain is under what specific conditions died their girl. Sid Ahmed Ghlam denies killing her. We will look at how his position is tenable, since all confirmed their presence, in terms of DNA analysis, ballistics, hair. Hopefully there participating actively and we show how it took place.

Me Antoine Casubolo-Ferro. – What are the weak points of his testimony

The weak points is that it is nothing other than the elements that attest to his presence alone at the near the victim. There are no other DNA traces that own and those of Aurelie Chatelain. And sometimes mixed with each other! He can tell us everything we want, there are those footsteps on the gun, the weapon that fired. The socket of the bullet that killed Aurélie fate of this weapon that only he could touch, as there are no other footprints hers. There is blood on the body of the car. There’s blood mixed with the DNA of Aurélie. There’s blood Ghlam inside the car Aurélie. All the accused! We really need him to explain the mystery.

But he claims he had an accomplice he can denounce …

it even claims that this accomplice is one who killed Aurélie and panicked him, he did nothing, he would not. He claims, in extreme cases, totally foreign. It would come to carry out an attack. It would have changed his mind and, anyway, to hear him, he had already changed his mind before the tragedy occurs, in the case of Aurélie. It would have seen this happen scooter accomplice accomplice who, for some reason, get another car and returned with Aurélie already dead. Or so he says he would have seen it get killed …

Is that all?

From there, he said have taken the pistol of the assassin, in his hands, and then have subsequently injured, because he was afraid of Daech, retaliation. He would deliberately hurt, so he could not commit to attack and Daech, in these conditions, can not criticize his inaction.

And what do you think?

This is totally fanciful and absurd! Or he would have found traces of scooter. Yet we should understand why there were weapons in his car for him – and for one person, not two! We would have understood why he had all these exchanges, to the last, emails, sms, and even phone calls with a sponsor in Syria. There Ghlam looked very determined look.

What is the real scenario, in your opinion?

About Aurélie, actually, there is a mystery. Why did he kill her? It is conceivable that he is there to prepare his attack, prepare his car or possibly meet his or her accomplices. Aurelie Chatelain would be there because she had to change hotels. She was waiting for the opening of the internship, an hour almost. At that time, what has happened? Ghlam, or the murderer, would he realized that there was someone in the car who saw something embarrassing? Has he tried to steal his car? Aurélie she tried something?

elements they attest to a possible fight?

This is just one of the challenges this reconstruction. We believe and hope that at least, Aurélie, by his courage, would have prevented the carnage that was outlined in a church in Villejuif. It was a sport, a girl who does not let tell. Anyway, for now, we do not know. She was found sitting in his car, tied and apparently the bullet that was reached was taken from outside the vehicle from the position from the top down, as Aurélie arm. So it was perhaps the outstretched arm. Maybe Aurélie did that by manipulating the wrist Ghlam he would, he hurt. This reconstruction could be decisive.


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