Friday, March 18, 2016

UDI will not participate in the primary – Le Figaro

The centrists gather Sunday in congress at Versailles.

The poll will be closed until Saturday at 21 pm, but its result is already achieved: UDI will not present a candidate for the primary “initiated by the Republicans,” according to the formula used in the questionnaire submitted since Tuesday to 22,998 militants claimed by the centrist confederation

Jean-Christophe Lagarde, says that this is “the inability of the leading candidates for RS to agree among themselves” who is responsible for this failure. The head of the centrist confederation did not engage in negotiations until all interlocutors agree to establish a “study contract” with “shared priorities” and a seat allocation rule the legislative. He did not get neither one nor the other. “Nicolas Sarkozy wanted us deale along the common regional lists and the primary, he said. I said that every election has its logic, and the primary-presidential-parliamentary bloc could not be separated. After the regional, I suggested to my counterpart LR constitution of delegations representing our respective sensitivities. Ours was ready, Sarkozy, he would have preferred to discuss President President. Finally, we did not discuss anything and they themselves started talking about the primary and when I called our members not to participate! “

The prospect of a” pact of governance “packs no candidate RS, but especially the question of investitures calendar legislative divides them. Sarkozy wants them to be fastened before the primary, his rivals are against. They believe that the control of investitures must return to the winner of the primary. “I would have been happy to agreement on an overall balance, but even that, it was not possible,” the head of the UDI, which claims between a quarter and a third of eligible seats.

indicator determining Lagarde, Sarkozy announced Tuesday LR MPs that he would offer a centrist “working group” to define all the conditions of their participation in the primary. “I will not close the door to LR if they reach an agreement,” promises the president of the UDI, deadpan laugh.

The scenario definitely adopt centrist activists in congress at Versailles on Sunday suits Lagarde. True, the deputy mayor of Drancy would have dreamed of being the centrist candidate for the primary, but the leaders of the constituent formations of the UDI, the New Centre in mind, would never have allowed. Leaving only her choose the right champion, Lagarde avoids implosion of IDU in the short term at least.


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