Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Austria: inauguration of the Social Democratic chancellor before a vote in favor of the extreme right – The World

Kern Christian after his inauguration as  head of the Austrian Government, Tuesday, May 17

At the head of the national railway company since 2010, Christian Kern has restated the financial statements of a public company leaded and enjoys popularity almost unanimous. In his new role, he will aim to reinvigorate the coalition with the Conservatives in the Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP – “Austrian People’s Party”).

since 2007, the two parties renewed their alliance over three elections before undergoing an unprecedented setback, April 24, in the first round of the presidential election. Their two candidates were eliminated from the final phase of elections taking place on Sunday. Destabilized by this rout, the SPÖ Chancellor Werner Faymann, in power since 2008, has resigned from all his duties two weeks after the election, believing no longer have the confidence in his party.

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Norbert Hofer, the candidate of the extreme right Freedom Party (for Freedom Party Österreichs – “freedom Party of Austria”), won the first round of presidential elections with 35% of votes. He will face in the second round the former head of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen (21.3%). The duel looks extremely tight. A victory for Mr. Hofer could reshuffle the cards of Austrian politics and mark a new milestone in a Europe shaken by the rise of populism

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