Thursday, May 19, 2016

In Cairo, the flight MS804 passengers families EgyptAir angry against the authorities – The World

Relatives of the passengers of the flight  MS804 EgyptAir disappeared between Paris and  Cairo, outside the airport of Cairo, May 19
Relatives of passengers of the flight MS804 EgyptAir disappeared between Paris and Cairo, outside the airport of Cairo, May 19 Credits: KHALED DESOUKI / AFP

At the luxurious Le Passage, near Cairo airport, this evening Thursday, May 19 is a usual night. A bride is acclaimed as the “dinghies” of her bridesmaids while a procession of Chinese tourists are greeted by an Egyptian guide. Upstairs Egyptian families of the passengers of flight MS804 EgyptAir, from Paris and disappeared into the night from Wednesday to Thursday 280 km from the Egyptian coast, isolate themselves as for them in their rooms.

earlier in the day, they were welcomed by representatives of the national company and the Egyptian authorities at Cairo airport. Families come out of this meeting mostly angry against officials who do not provide them any useful information and against journalists who are gathering around them shining goals and microphones. “We know nothing,” , is launching a disoriented old man to calm the impatience of the media

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in the hotel Mervat Mounir, the aunt of a young stewardess on this flight, Samar Azzedine, back tears to express misunderstanding “ This is all the more terrible that we feel that the Egyptian authorities refuse to give us any information. “

” Do not expect any answers today, “ has also hammered Sherif Fathy, the Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation, during ‘ a stormy press conference held earlier this afternoon. The Minister refused to consider the “rumors” and “we say” regained by Egyptian and international press. On the defensive against offensive journalists, he assured investigate closely with the French authorities to discover the “true causes” what he describes as ” incident “.

” Give the impression that the authorities are doing something “

as for families, doubt prevails on hope to find their loved ones. “Samar was only 27 years old and married for only seven months, I am afraid that we have already left, Mervat Mounir murmur. On Facebook, some said she died. “ Social networks and news channels continuously in fact constitute the only source of information for these families. “We were coming here to give the impression that the authorities are doing something, estimated Mervat Mounir. In reality, we remain locked in our rooms watching TV, as if we had stayed at home “

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A flight from Paris was expected in the evening around 21 hours with on board near the fifteen French passengers. Families will be greeted by representatives of the consulate of France who have been mobilized since the morning. Egyptian families thus hope that this arrival will push the authorities of their countries to issue more information on this new aircraft drama linked to Egypt.


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