Saturday, May 14, 2016

In Rennes, the protesters retreated before the police – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Saturday afternoon, a rally was held without major incident in the city center despite the ban of the authorities who feared further acts of vandalism after Friday night’s violence.


Forbidden by the prefect, the demonstration against police violence gathered Saturday afternoon -Midi some 700 people in Rennes and has dispersed peacefully after some tensions. Against possible abuses thugs, the policing device contained the protesters on the Place de Gaulle for three hours. However, the protesters had again agreed to meet Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. Place Sainte-Anne.

Patrick Dallenes, prefect delegated to the defense and security of the West Zone, filled the contract. At least for Saturday afternoon since, except for some trash fires, destruction of property took place. “The security forces prevented the demonstrators from forming in procession to parade in the city center, said Patrick Dallennes. They used tear gas and bullets defense launchers to repel demonstrators throwing projectiles. No one was injured on the side of law enforcement. the security forces shall ensure that prevent small groups reconstitute themselves in the city center. “

Before the demonstration, the security forces carried out 22 identity checks from people who trying to reach the esplanade. Four were placed in custody, including one who was in possession of a hammer and three others who refused to submit to fingerprints taken, as the prefect Dallennes.

Saturday morning at a press conference, the official warned: “the response of the security forces will be up to the risk and fear that there are violent outbursts. Very significant resources are deployed so that we control the situation and an end to these abuses and to the behavior of illegality and violence that has become intolerable. “

Also, when, noon, the protesters began to invest the esplanade de Gaulle, the area was cordoned off. All young men posing in the adjacent streets instead were controlled by the mobile guards who checked their ID and contents of the bags.

After a few musical interludes and speeches of Hugo Poidevin, one of the leaders of the occupation of the city hall, evacuated Friday morning, the procession tried to force the police roadblocks. Remains at the second attempt, the police have fired tear gas and at the third, an officer has ordered the demonstrators to disperse. The game of cat and mouse lasted an hour. But every attempt to exit instead being countered by the police whose teams tightened more and more around the protesters, they left the scene.

On Saturday morning, Patrick Dallenes of which was approved by the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, said “Enough.” For opponents of the Labor law have multiplied the violence Friday night: attack on a police station, degradation of local bank branch offices, destroying windows and video surveillance cameras. “They had only one goal, to destroy. They had only one cause, hatred against the republican order, its values ​​and rule of law, “responded Nathalie Appéré, deputy mayor of Rennes.

So in the morning, the city of Rennes was invested by 7 companies and CRS riot police equipped with four water cannons. Device which will be maintained in the coming days.

And the few banks that had failed to protect their premises appealed in the night carpenters to come and ask protection plywood.

“No violence should be accepted”, has declared President Francois Hollande on the sidelines of a summit in Nigeria. “While it is necessary to ensure the protection of a number of events and to ensure that freedom, any violence is unacceptable precisely because it reaches of goods, people and more it mobilizes forces security today must be essentially devoted to the protection of our territory and our people face the threat of terrorism, “added the head of state.

for two months, Rennes was the theater sometimes violent protests against the labor law, a young protester who lost the use of one eye April 28 following a projectile jet. Some protesters blamed the injury on a shooting defense Bale Thrower (LBD40) police. An investigation by prosecutors and entrusted to IGPN (General Inspectorate of the National Police) is underway to determine the exact origin of the projectile.


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