Tuesday, May 17, 2016

labor law: the ban on demonstrations lifted for nine activists – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Nine arrested ten which prevented activists come to protest against the Act work on Tuesday, were suspended by the court. Those arrested were described as “serious interference with the freedom to manifest” by the administrative judge.

The administrative court has suspended Tuesday nine out of ten orders issued by the chief of police that prevented anti-fascist activists to join the demonstration against the labor law, as one of the defense lawyers. In its rejection of orders, the administrative judge noted that the bans are a “serious and manifestly illegal freedom to come and go and that to manifest.”

For the tenth case, the appeal was dismissed, the administrative court found that the person “does not seriously dispute the serious and specific actions alleged against him” in the case of violence against two soldiers.

Opponents of the Act had been working this weekend individual bans on demonstrations in Paris notified by the police headquarters. The aim was to avoid further violence during the organized movements Tuesday and Thursday.

“The protests against the labor law, theater new violence

” The failure of the censorship valid labor law

Since Saturday night, “several of our activists have received home visits from policemen who issue bans on demonstrations ..”, confirmed Sunday AFA Paris / Suburbs, Twitter account Parisian antifascists.

on May 14 decree signed by the prefect of police and published by the website paris-luttes.info, a militant saw “forbidden room” Tuesday between 11h and 20h in several districts Paris and “up to 07h and 18:00 the next day in the area around the Republic square”, particularly on the basis of Article 5 of the law on state of emergency. This allows “prohibit the stay in any part of the department to any person seeking to hinder in any way the action of public authorities”.

The order given to activist stated: “Considering that Mr. X was noticed on numerous occasions, during protests against, including police violence and the labor code reform bill; These demonstrations have escalated into serious disturbances of public order including violent clashes with the security forces; masked as groups of individuals and wearing helmets are systematically at the origin of these disorders; there is therefore every reason to believe that the presence of Mr. X to rallies against the bill to institute new freedoms and new protections for companies and assets is to participate in actions violent; that in view of these elements, necessary to prohibit its presence at the event held Tuesday, May 17, 2016 jointly by the Regional Union Île-de-France CGT, FO, SOLIDARITY, UNEF, UNL and LDIFs and Republic square. “

the police department had confirmed to AFP, without specifying the number, that orders had been notified to” persons originally or related to acts of violence, not as acts of violence occur again. “

” NnoMan “, an independent photojournalist had also received this prefectural Saturday at the home of his mother . He was banned from living the 6th, 7th, 14th, and 15th arrondissements of Paris between 11 and 20 hours to the event. He was treated as a thug by the police because of his regular presence in the overflow area. “A political decision” had reacted to the photographer micro BFMTV. Tuesday morning at a hearing in chambers, the ban on demonstrations, which targeted the journalist, was canceled. The police department was justified in stating that they were unaware of his profession.

Sept unions have called two further days of strikes and demonstrations on Tuesday and Thursday, the sixth and seventh in just over two months.

Since the beginning of the mobilization against the labor law, demonstrations were interspersed with violence. Saturday, a high school student was indicted for “attempted murder” after the assault of a police officer in Nantes, May 3

“Those arrested appear to be, to our knowledge, the first to down on Paris in the movement against the labor law, “said Paris-fascist Action Suburbs. The statement of the collective ends: “You want us to go out the door? We will return through the window … “


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