Monday, May 16, 2016

Labor law: the photojournalist should eventually be able to cover Tuesday’s event – BFMTV.COM

It should finally be able to cover the event: the Paris police headquarters said Monday evening BFMTV up a photojournalist for the ban to go to the next mobilization against the Labour Law , the because it did not know he was a journalist when the decision was taken.

The information was however not yet been notified in the evening to his lawyer Hosni Maati, joined by BFM TV.

A prefectural passed Saturday

working under the pseudonym “NnoMan” this freelance photographer, part of the EYE collective (Our Eye is Life) and collaborates for the magazine Smoke , covers all events since start of the movement. He has no press card – which is not required to practice as a journalist, has no criminal record and has never been arrested during protests

Saturday. he received an order from the Paris police headquarters at the home of his mother, prohibiting him stay in Parisian districts affected by the passage of the event – 6th, 7th, 14th and 15th – between 11h and 20h, and the Night Stand perimeter around the Republic square, between 18h and 7 am Wednesday.

BFMTV – the prefectural decree prohibiting “Nnoman” to be present at Tuesday’s event.

The prefectural consulted by BFMTV, said the young man “was noticed on numerous occasions, during protests against, including police violence and the reform project labor code, “which escalated” in serious disturbances of public order. ” According to the same document, “there is every reason to believe” that the presence of “Nnoman” these rallies “is to engage in violent actions.”

BFMTV – the prefectural decree prohibiting” Nnoman “to be present at Tuesday’s event.

“A political decision”

Guest BFM Story in the late afternoon, said that NnoMan the decision to forbid her to go to the event was “a political decision”, because his work disturbed:

“for me it is a political decision, . ‘voluntarily dismiss a freelance photographer in my work, I could – I among others – highlight some overflows police, “said the photographer of 24 years, saying” no position as militant “.

“And maybe my pictures, at least that’s how I interpret it, just break the official version, with very graphic evidence of police abuses. With pictures of truncheons raised, then that is contrary to the police code of ethics. from grenades bell while it is similar, it is forbidden, “he said.

“The process of coming to the parental home on a Saturday night very late, for me it’s an intimidating process,” said he launched yet.

interlocutory hearing Tuesday morning

His lawyer Hosni Maati, had seized the judge of the Paris Administrative Court for violation of freedom of the press. The hearing was scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Other no-show must go in chambers Tuesday morning, with other lawyers. According to Mr. Hosni Maati, they must be at least ten.

When contacted by BFMTV Monday afternoon, the police department had refused to comment: “We do not share the moment on the number of arrested regard to individual situations, they only concern. in essence that the person to whom the order. If he checks must be, it will be done, but we can not discuss individual situations with the media. “


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