Thursday, May 19, 2016

LIVE. EgyptAir: aircraft fell sharply from 22,000 feet – L’Express

At midday, the Greek Civil Aviation (Ypa) has delivered some details of his last exchange with the flight MS804.

“Air traffic controllers contacted the pilot when the aircraft was over the island of Kea at 37,000 feet. He reported no problem “said the Greek Antenna TV the head of Ypa Constantine Litzerakos.

The pilot was in good spirits and thanked Greek ,” said a statement from the Ypa.

The last contact occurred “at about 2:05,” but then the driver stopped responding to calls of Greek air traffic controllers, which continued “until 2:29, when the plane disappeared from radar, “as he left the Greek air control zone.

Subsequently, the Athens control center tried to contact the plane, “but despite repeated calls, the device did not respond ” .

Until his death, aircraft “seems to have deviated all settings (flight) we had given him” for his journey.

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