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Night stand in Athens: “The French are an example to us at this time” – Liberation

It is 19 hours in Athens on Syntagma Square of the Constitution. Night stand is supposed to start. She barely muster. I must say that for the Greeks, 19 hours, it’s still the afternoon. At 20 hours, the place fills up slowly. On the steps connecting the site to the Vouli (Parliament), thirty Greeks joke. “You know the meaning of Night standing? one application.
course replied his neighbor
-. So why are you sitting
“Because it does not yet night! “

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At 21:30, the night fell; they are few coming to attend the rally Global standing. The crowd is still not one of the great days. Not that of the “outraged” in particular. That was in 2011. Since the launch of the movement of May 15 in Spain, after over a year of crisis and austerity measures, thousands of Greek citizens attended every day of rallies and assemblies on the place the Constitution.

This episode was one of those uniting the opposition to austerity policies and strengthening the party denouncing the memoranda. These texts defining the measures to be applied in the country in exchange for loans to save her failure to pay are still there. Yet this opposition was united on the one hand within Syriza, the “radical left coalition” and the other in the “Independent Greeks”. In January 2015, SYRIZA and its leader Alexis Tsipras and the Independent Greeks won the elections, and won the government; they had, in turn, signed a memorandum and implement austerity policies. In society, the disappointment is growing.

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“We are here to denounce the austerity measures and unemployment” says Konstantinos Sifakis, a Trotskyite 27-year post-doctorate. The banners echoed his remarks: “No to your understanding, your ultimatum, your euro” shows a banner of Epam, the “People’s United Front,” a born political organization 2011 that struggle for popular sovereignty. Another: “More deaths in Greece” , referring to the number of suicides that exploded in the country since 2010, while unemployment (25.5% today) and increased poverty . On another, “# αρκετα”, “enough” .

“We have no future here”

This ras -The bowl is young Greeks of the motivation that made the trip. As Kosmas, 22, sitting on the railing, the Chamber of Deputies just before his eyes. “We are the most educated generation, and we’ll have no future here! Most people my age are leaving the country, going to France or Germany “, protests this medical student. He wants “continue to live in dignity here in [her] country” . So he wants to “fight against the policies of the European Union imposed” . Beside him, Konstantinos, 21, adds: “We are also here in solidarity with the French. They are an example to us right now. With the arrival of Syriza government, the social movement has faded. Now we need to fight against policies that are destroying the country’s economy. “ For him, ” French youth understood how the labor law will destroy his future. “

Solidarity, disappointment … So many words that come from the lips of Maria Barsevski. Former politburo member of Syriza, she left the party when Alexis Tsipras was third memorandum with the EU in July 2015. “I am here to protest against the policy, which destroys social security, retirement, prepare for confiscation of property “, she says. She wants to “give a new impetus to the Indignados movement in Europe” .

A little further, a International sounds. In French. Students who perform Erasmus in Greece came “to participate” , according to Nora Hamama. At 21, she follows “movement in France and wants it to become global” . She regrets, however, that there is “little world” . Tom Leblond listening with one ear. “Student archi” , he himself is more optimistic: “I dreamed turned 20 in 68. It seems that people are talking about. With social networks, there is a lot of noise, repeat. There, people are starting to talk. This is a good start. “

Night fell. A few hundred Greeks gathered, some proudly display a national flag. It will wait for the big crowd.

Fabien Perrier


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