Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Paris: a police car on fire in the margins of the Forbidden riot police protest – Le Parisien

What didnt enough to prevent overflows.

This collective struggle against police violence called for action shortly before the gathering of police in Paris, scheduled at noon, as in fifty other cities, calling the Alliance union majority among peacekeepers.

A few hundred protesters tried to defy the ban near the Republic Square where the gathering of police officers stood. They were repelled by security forces and channeled to the quai de Valmy. On the way, a police vehicle was burned.

According to our reporter on site, initially a small group of young people wearing helmets and armed with sticks broke away from the parade to attack a police car where a crew was. This group of attackers ran off while police out of their car. This is while other protesters torched the empty vehicle.

police side, according to the Workers Force, his own rally launched by Unit-SGP-Police-FO police to defend himself also, was also banned by the PP. Monday on RTL, the national secretary of the union, Jean-Claude Mailly, had assured that members of FO participate in the procession today. For Mailly, police officers who commit “skids” “must be punished, of course, that’s logical.” “But, he insisted, they do a difficult job sometimes orders against orders-not easy to follow in the field. They are a little burned out. “

The Republic Square is also, since the end of March, the location of iconic rally Night citizen movement standing, which was peppered with incidents between small groups and law enforcement, as are protests against labor law.

“the anti-hate cops comes from a section of the population,” but these “10% are still very active and very violent, “said Wednesday morning on Europe 1 the Director General of the national police, Jean-Marc Falcone, delighted the survey published by our newspaper this morning, showing that more than eight in ten French people have a good opinion of the police. “I have 160 police officers injured at the time I speak, 110 CRS, (…) and an officer was seriously injured in the eye yesterday in Lyon.”

Of the 150,000 policemen and 100,000 policemen that have the forces in France, “it may be that some could commit reprehensible acts, he admitted. If there are slippages, once proven and punished by the courts, the administration will take its responsibilities “

Work Act. Several weeks of violence


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