Friday, May 20, 2016

Pedophilia: Cardinal Barbarin confirms stay on – The Point

The influential French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, splashed with cases of pedophilia in the diocese of Lyon (center-east), confirmed Friday night stay in office after a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. While victims’ associations and several political figures, to the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, called for the resignation of Cardinal Barbarin, Pope Francis has instead supported him, but felt that the bishops who protected pedophile should resign .

“If justice highlighted a serious failure in the conduct of my mission, (resignation) would indeed be a perspective to consider. for now, it would not be responsible, that would be even contrary to my duty: it does not leave the ship in a storm, “said the prelate has one of the most influential of the Church of France, in an interview with the daily Le Figaro !.

“He reiterated his confidence”

According to Cardinal Barbarin, the pope has “reiterated his confidence” and advised him to “wait quietly that justice is done its mission, “in an interview to the Vatican in the day. François “first took the time to listen carefully It seemed very aware of the situation He reiterated his confidence, his prayer and his personal conviction.. There is no place for those in ministry who abuse children, and, of imprescriptible way, “he told the Le Figaro .

in a Tuesday interview published in the La Croix , the pope had firmly defended the archbishop of Lyon, estimating that his resignation before the end of a hypothetical trial would be “a contradiction”. According to the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, the Vatican maintenance focused on the crisis in the Catholic Church in France but also on more pastoral subjects, such as preparation of the pilgrimage of street people in November in Rome on the occasion of the Jubilee of mercy, and another pilgrimage 300 elected representatives of the Rhône-Alpes region.

Deception victims

the Cardinal Barbarin, the one of the most influential figures of the French Catholic hierarchy is subject to two preliminary hearings for “not reporting” of sexual assaults on young scouts between 1986 and 1991 by a priest of the diocese of Lyon, Bernard Preynat. The latter, in operation until August 2015, was indicted Jan. 27 after admitting the facts.

Archbishop of Lyon since 2002, Cardinal Barbarin covered denies such facts but admitted in April “errors in management and the appointment of some priests.” But his meeting at the Vatican was not well received by victims of pedophile priests seeking to meet with Pope Francis. “We would have liked to be received instead of Cardinal Barbarin, we see once again that the victims are left out”, criticized from Agence France-Presse Bertrand Virieux, one of the co-founders of ‘Lyon association “The Word Freed”.

a court

The association of victims of pedophile priests had written to the pope in March to solicit a private audience. “We never received a formal response while we would have liked to explain our view of the matter,” lamented Bertrand Virieux. Pope Francis has created a Vatican court to judge the pedophile priests, set up an international commission of experts to propose preventive measures and met victims in Rome and Philadelphia.

But worldwide, bitterness and disappointment prevail among the victims, who believe that the Church still has much to do to rule and punish the guilty. The subject remains taboo in many countries, particularly in Africa and Asia, and the Pope has drawn the ire of some Chilean faithful confirming last year, the appointment of a bishop suspected have protected a priest convicted pedophiles assault.


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