Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Urvoas: “No doubt that the pope is the best expert on secularism” – Le Point

The Justice Minister was the guest Tuesday morning Patrick Cohen to present the bill justice of the twenty-examined this week in the National Assembly. Jean-Jacques Urvoas took the opportunity to sweep the controversy of recent days, the pope on secularism to the alleged laxity of judges. Asked about the slippages during protests against the labor law, the minister recalled that there was a “right to demonstrate but not a right to break.” The Administrative Court and the State Council will discuss the situation of people who were prevented from demonstrating, he promised. Confirming that the administrative court was now, just like the judicial judge, a true “judge of freedoms”. “I just love the freedoms that I prefer to have two judges who care,” he added, provocative, while many associations defending human rights protest against censorship of freedom of expression.

Jean-Jacques Urvoas, the treatment of the police perpetrators and hooligans protesters is identical. “The law is the same for all,” he assured, while a listener France Inter complained of a certain impunity of security forces. “We have a police and gendarmerie who are subject to many checks. I have great respect for them, as for the staff of the prison administration that is often accused, “said the Justice Minister. Reacting to criticism of Pope Francis that the France “exagér [ed] secularism,” Jean-Jacques Urvoas said that being secular, it was not “being against the religious” but be “nonreligious.” “I’m not sure that the pope is the best expert on secularism,” said he said. Before concluding: “I do not have the feeling of living in a country that is anti-religious. “

” Let the judge where there is need “

On the divorce judge without mutual consent, the Minister has sought reassurance “it is not a measure anxiety,” he promised. The best example, he: 66,000 divorce by mutual consent are granted annually, 99.9% of these agreements are approved by the judge. “Let the court where there is need,” he called, annoying to the passage of hostile reactions advocates for reform. “I see what I hear in my office has very little to do with what is written in the press …”

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Following the Baupin case, the name of that member suspected of multiple sexual assault and harassment, the government has announced plans to” facilitate the deposits of complaint. ” A bill, already passed by the National Assembly, plans to increase the limitation period of three to six years. “I’m for,” said Jean-Jacques Urvoas. However, the Minister did not support a proposal of his government, including the Minister of Women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, that it would “allow associations to file a complaint instead of victims.” “It already exists, is justified Jean-Jacques Urvoas. It is simply that the association can lay claim to the written agreement of the victim. This is what we want to dispense. I’m not sure this would be progress. “” Acting without the knowledge of the victim would be paradoxical, added the Minister. And in any case, the investigation would require committed to first hear the victim. “

I see what I hear in my office has very little to do with what is written in the press …

Finally, the Minister of Justice avoided the issue of the right of judges, the FO union Magistrates accused of flouting (see here). “Where the appointment of a judge [as a union representative, Ed] was incompatible with the proper administration of justice, the Justice Minister shall give the reasons and invites the trade union to carry his choice on another magistrate. The Higher Judicial Council should be informed of this decision, “one reads in the bill justice of the XXI century. At this point, the magistrates are campaigning for the Promotions Committee. FO Magistrates tried to talk about her. She succeeded. Frankly, it’s a bad process that is me, “he said. In the Assembly, the green group to file an amendment to delete the provision.


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