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What is known about the disappearance of flight Egyptair – Liberation

An aircraft Egyptair party Wednesday evening from Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar, announced early Thursday morning the Egyptian airline on Twitter. After false alarms, no debris from the plane has been found and “ we do not know why the plane disappeared ,” said a company spokesman in communicated. By early afternoon, the Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation had estimated that an attack was more likely a technical incident.

Alain Vidal, Secretary of State for Transport, announced that the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis would send three investigators in Cairo. They will be accompanied by an Airbus technical advisor to participate in the safety investigation surrounding the disappearance of the plane.

In the morning, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry exchanged condolences with his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault: “ message in which he expressed his condolences for the plane crash and in return, Mr. Shukri expressed his condolences to the French Minister for the French victims” , reads the communiqué. Hollande had said that “ no hypothesis is rejected, there is no preferred .”

Ongoing research

According to a statement from Greek Defence Ministry, the Greek armed forces were deployed “ 130 miles of Karpathos, a frigate of the navy, a C-130 aircraft and one EMB-145 military aircraft involved in search s “. According to the same statement, “ two Super Puma helicopters are to Karpathos are also ready to participate in such research.

The Greek Defense Minister Panos Kamenos accepted the assistance from France and the United States who will each send one plane.

Summary of the night

“Around 0:29 GMT [2:29 by France and Egypt, 3:29 in Greece, ed] while was in Egyptian airspace, the plane disappeared from radar Greek [...] it crashed about 130 miles [209 km] Karpathos “ said a Greek source told AFP.

the MS804 flight took off from Roissy airport to 23 h09, with with 25 minutes delay. He was at 37,000 feet (over 11,000 meters) altitude and entered Egyptian airspace when it disappeared from radar Thursday at 2 h 29, said Egyptair. The plane, an Airbus A320-232, was sold the first time in July 2003.

“The MS804 Egyptair flight lost contact with the aircraft radar at 2:45, Cairo Time” shows the Twitter account of Egyptair, adding that the plane had disappeared from radar “after entering Egyptian airspace ten miles’ [16 km].

the rest is blurry, but we know a little more about the result of the night: “the image we have is that at 0:37 GMT [2:37 French time note] , the plane, which was about 10-15 miles in Egyptian airspace made a 90 degree turn to the left and 360 degrees to the right while falling from 37 000 to 15 000 feet when his picture was lost at about 10,000 feet altitude “, said the Greek Minister of Defense Panos Kammenos in a press conference after talks with his Egyptian counterpart.

the aircraft was carrying 56 passengers, including a boy and two babies and seven crew members and three security officers, later added the national carrier in a statement. A first information did the state of sending a distress signal, but it was denied later.

The aircraft was delivered to the airline in late 2003, accumulating 48,000 hours flight. This use seems consistent with an age of 13 aircraft, which is relatively new in an area where aircraft are expected to last 30 or 40 years.

Before flying little after 23 hours paris, the plane had made several rotations at a rapid pace, according to the specialized website Flightradar24 following developments in air traffic in real time and maintains flights archives. Again, such an intensive use is the norm in civil aviation. The aircraft had started his day on Wednesday in Asmara, capital of Eritrea, where he arrived Tuesday evening in Cairo, according Flightradar. It took off again at 3 30 (French time) to the Egyptian capital where it landed two hours and 32 minutes later … Just over two hours later, at 8 am 21, he left for Tunis, a three-hour flight and 12 minutes. After only one hour and two minutes of call, he returned to Cairo 15 h17 after two hours and 24 minute ride, according Flightradar24. His stopover in Cairo lasted this time less than two hours and it took off for Paris-Charles de Gaulle, where he landed at 21 h 55, according to the records. He took off from the French capital to 23 hours and had to land in Cairo to 3 hours. He disappeared Greek radars to 2 hours 30 minutes, while he was in Egyptian airspace.

In Terminal Arrivals Cairo airport, all was quiet in the early morning , reported an AFP journalist, passengers’ families probably was immediately isolated in a separate room. The MS804 flight was not mentioned on the electronic tables of arrivals.

Egyptian precedents

On 31 October, a bomb exploded aboard a plane carrying Russian tourists shortly after taking off from the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, in southeastern Egypt, killing its 224 occupants. The attack was claimed by the Egyptian branch of the jihadist Islamic State group, which multiplies in Egypt bombings and attacks, mostly targeting security forces.

And on March 29, a hijacker “psychologically unstable” was diverted to Cyprus an EgyptAir plane that had taken off from Alexandria and was carrying 55 passengers. On arrival in Cyprus Larnaca airport, the man had released many of the passengers and went smoothly after six hours of negotiations.



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