Saturday, March 19, 2016

A missing schoolgirl found safe –

A schoolgirl of 13 years whose concern was reported missing yesterday morning by his mother, in Villaudric, north of Toulouse, was found unharmed by the police.

A morning full of anguish and anxiety to finally a happy ending. A schoolgirl 13 years old whose disappearance was reported by her mother yesterday around 10 pm in Villaudric, a town north of Toulouse, was eventually found almost 3 hours later, unharmed, in Fronton 4 kilometers away. The teenager was collected by three soldiers of a squadron of Pamiers to stronger research and then 80 policemen had to be deployed on site.

Yesterday morning, around 8 am, the girl called her father on the phone telling him she had missed her bus taking in Villemur college. The mother is also advised all the college reports to parents without their daughter, who must pass a test of patent, “History and Art” in the morning. Fear of facing this mock examination mixed with a diffuse malaise probably disturbed teenager. She left the flag of his father, gets rid of her bags and her mobile phone in a ditch. Then began a long wandering, under his khaki parka and his sweet-hood in the rain, in the cold, through the forest and alleys of Fronton.Sa mother picked her up in Villaudric, raises the alarm. The gendarmes of the company Toulouse Saint-Michel set up a research device. The bags and the phone of the girl were found in mid-morning and anxiety escalates. Investigators of the research brigade Toulouse Saint-Michel and the gendarmes of the research section, seized by the prosecutor of Toulouse, intensify investigations. Double PC, operational and legal, is open to Villaudric and Fronton to coordinate the investigation. On the spot and despite the winter rain, residents flock to the security cordons, Bouloc road. “She’s not the type to run away. This a serious girl who always had good grades, “says a young village. Shortly after 12:30, a police car arrives at a brisk pace in Villaudric. Inside, the girl curled under a jacket. “She was found safe and sound,” says relieved Colonel Franck Battisti before the first microphones that stretch. Sheltering, the schoolgirl was heard by investigators during the afternoon.

The announcement of the disappearance of a schoolgirl 13 years, has very Villaudric quickly reacted gendarmerie units in this sector where 5 years ago, Patricia cap, 49, was attacked and killed by a motorist in Bouloc, faisaitr while jogging. A drama present in our memories. For this heavily forested area was the subject of intense search for the body of the victim in the winter of 2011 between Villaudric, Bouloc and Villematier.


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