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Abdeslam arrest: “I have one day in front of me” – Le Parisien

They believed the dead party in Syria, or even able to thwart the long surveillances Belgian and French police. The victims of the attacks of 13 November as relatives expressed their immense relief yesterday after capturing one of the authors, and not least Salah Abdeslam, logistics and member of the commando who sowed death in Paris


they no longer believed, they never believed him alive,” says M th Mehana Mouhou, lawyer of several survivors of the Bataclan and two injured from the Stade de France. “To judge an accused is better that an accomplice,” says criminal lawyer, referring to the Merah case. Coincidence, Toulouse just made yesterday tribute to the seven victims of the terrorist killed during the assault by the forces of order. Four years later, only Abdelkader Merah, considered an accomplice, is returned to the foundation. A source of immense frustration for victims’ families.

“Abdeslam arrested Salah, is synonym of trial. And even if it will not bring back our children, this will bring us some relief, “says Jean-Marie Peretti, whose daughter Aurélie, 33, died at the Bataclan. “That’s great, that’s it!” Exults almost Sonia. The woman, 22, wounded in the face, is a survivor of the Counter Voltaire, this bar where one of the suicide bombers blew himself up. His name: Brahim Abdeslam’s brother Salah. “It means that I might have one day in front of me, she is planning. And finally there will be justice. ” All are now awaiting the terrorist he delivers his accomplices, his motivations, the details of this macabre evening, and all the preparations. “I certainly did not want him to die, it would have made a martyr for their cause. And there, he will have to sway people, trusts Robin, 27, survivor of the Bataclan. I hope it’ll blow the whole Molenbeek network. “

” It’s still the first time that we will have in a French court of assizes the protagonist of a wave of attacks of this magnitude, and perhaps answers to countless issues that remain unresolved, “too positive M th Denis Tailly-Eschenlohr, lawyer of two seriously injured and the families of two victims. But it warns: “. My clients have one fear, that he could commit suicide and be privies of this trial”

A hearing will also, for M th Samia Maktouf, who recently filed an application with the European Court of Human rights (ECHR) to denounce “serious malfunctions in the Belgian system of protection and surveillance” to clarify all complicities. “This arrest was for my clients a sense of unfinished, inisiste it. Abdeslam Salah and his cronies could not act without the support of a sprawling network that we want to see dismantled. If they do not have clear answers on the exact circumstances of this organization, they will never be it qu’entamer their grieving. “

Past the” stunning “of the arrest this couple from Paris, the son of 26 years died in the Kalashnikov bullets at the concert of Eagles of death Metal, is on the same line. “Although the noose resserait was felt in Belgium, but we first were speechless. Now we await his extradition. We want to be dissected this very strong organizational fabric which helped prepare the attacks with impunity, and that all those responsible are identified. “

A comment that echoed the statements of the deputy Georges Fenech Republicans. The president of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the attacks in Paris has also cautioned: “Do not imagine for a moment that the arrest of Abdeslam concludes the Jihadist thread. It was only one of the performers. Behind, there are the organizers, this is the place to find those. “However, all relatives of victims have not welcomed the news so enthusiastically

In Nice, Michel’s father, Matthew, 33, seriously wounded at the Bataclan, is more pragmatic . “I’m happy, yes. And it became laughable that this escapes all fonts. “But for now, the prospect of a trial is not his concern. “He will be judged, they will know that evil and that’s it …” For him and his wife, the priority lies elsewhere: the struggle of their son, still hospitalized, to regain its autonomy. “Progress is thin, it will take many months, but he has good moral. “

” No explanation will never be admissible “

” neither joy nor relief. “Salah Abdeslam arrested? Nicolas Mognard, whose brother Francois was very seriously injured at the Bataclan on 13 November does not care. “With the huge resources that have the Belgian and French States, I want to say again happy! This arrest is simply normal. What would have been wrong is that it escapes again to the police. Otherwise, it will not change much. “Nobody in the family of Francis, he says, has made” fixation “on the person of Salah Abdeslam yet a member of the commando and logistics of the attacks of 13 November. “Salah Abdeslam is an ant. My brother is not absorbed daily by the investigation, he has his life to live! We do not want them to have the gift of fear, not to advance. The problem lies elsewhere: what to stop, it is not a person but an idea, terrorism. We went through all the states for four months and, of course, I had a moment the urge to compete to hold him accountable. But I know now that I could have ten years in front of me and I can not draw anything. No explanation is never admissible. The real question remains. How has it been possible to generate such people, as poor intellectually, in our country? The adage says that fight is good as everyone knows. In that sense, yes, his arrest has interest because then we can study it. For the rest, we have no spirit of revenge. What we experienced is so incredible and beyond our normal, intellectuals springs used are not the same. And revenge do not belong. “
Louise Colcombet

 Paris, November 13, 2015


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