Saturday, March 19, 2016

Abdeslam arrest. “A major blow to Daech in Europe ‘- Ouest-France

The arrest Friday in Brussels Salah Abdeslam, suspect-key the November attacks in Paris, is “a significant blow to the terrorist organization Daech in Europe” , said Saturday the Minister of Interior Bernard Cazeneuve, coming out of a defense council at the Elysee.

“The operations of the past week have helped to put out of harm several individuals who have demonstrated their extreme dangerousness and their total determination” , he has said, adding: “Salah Abdeslam must answer for his actions before the French justice”

Character key of the deadliest attacks ever committed in France, Salah Abdeslam been since. November 24, 2015 of a European arrest warrant issued by a French judge, which should facilitate its delivery to the French justice. The European arrest warrant avoids the standard international procedure, extradition, often heavier and uncertain.

Other Always Wanted “under the procedures opened following the attacks of 13 November, ten individuals were indicted, including two in France and eight in Belgium” , recalled Bernard Cazeneuve, stating “other people are still actively sought” .

He paid tribute to the commitment “flawless” Belgian authorities, in especially in tracking Salah Abdeslam and the “good cooperation” french and Belgian services.

in France, since the beginning of the year, ” are already 74 people in connection with terrorist activities, were arrested. 37 were indicted, 28 were imprisoned “, further said the Interior Minister. He said the results “is facing a threat level remains extremely high, an encouragement to continue tirelessly our efforts” .

“We will win the war against terrorism by acting without rest or pause “, he said.


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