Friday, March 18, 2016

He was driving drunk and 135 km / h instead of 50 km / h in Languidic – Ouest-France

Wednesday, the driver of a vehicle was 135 km / h instead of 50 km / h allowed in the center of Languidic.

Brech Military motorized platoon immediately intercepted the driver.

suspended license age 25, he was driving with a BAC of 1.02 g of alcohol per liter of blood.

the driving license of the person concerned was subject to immediate suspension and measuring his vehicle has been immobilized.

in 2015, 78 accidents related the speed the police said that speed is the main cause of the accident and the second leading cause of fatal accidents.

It is responsible for 78 accidents with 110 killed and 9 injured last year on the roads of Morbihan.


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