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Hervé Morin calls “a gathering that would Valls to Sarkozy or Macron Juppé” – Le Monde

Le Monde | • Updated | Interview

Hervé Morin, president of New Center in  May 2013.

Opposed to a candidate for the primary of his rival Jean-Christophe Lagarde, Mr. Morin refers Borloo as ” the natural candidate of the center primary. “

the former defense minister, now President of the Normandy region, also called the emergence of ” rally, which would Valls to Sarkozy or Macron Juppé “ in 2017.

Do you call centrists militants to” refuse to participate in the primary “from the right to the presidential in 2017, as did the president of the UDI, Jean-Christophe Lagarde?

It is natural and normal that the UDI rejects, for now, to participate in the primary. I wrote in these terms to the New Center militants

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what are the conditions for the UDI participates in the primary?

in the month of December I asked Jean-Christophe Lagarde to initiate a preliminary discussion with Republicans (LR) to establish with them a legislative pact based on a statement of our common values ​​and shared programmatic priorities (deficit reduction, rewriting of the European project, free enterprise …).

the pact must include a term contract for the center has a parliamentary group capable of being a major player in alternation. We must not relive what happened from 2007 to 2012, when the group New Center in the Assembly was not respected by the UMP, as it was not necessary to vote on the law.

I still remember the fight that we led for four years on the social VAT, repulsed by the UMP before she found favor with Nicolas Sarkozy in late 2011, that is ie too late!

Close up definitively the door to participation of IDU in the primary?

No, we remain open in the discussion. We have plenty of time to reach an agreement with LR. The Mass is not known. Especially since all LR leaders are willing to engage with the center. Our congress, scheduled for Sunday, will be the opportunity to define the conditions of our participation in the primary.

Are you in favor of Nicolas Sarkozy to create a working group between LR and centrists in order to reach an agreement?

absolutely. This working group, centrist side, will be composed of senior representatives of the components of the UDI (the New Center, the Radical Party of Laurent Hénart, the centrist Alliance of Jean Arthuis) and the presidents of the parliamentary groups (the President of IDU group in the Assembly, Philippe Vigier, and the Senate, François Zocchetto)

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How many divisions you claim for centrist legislative of 2017?

It is natural that the constituencies where there is an elected outgoing IDUs are reserved for IDUs, as called for, I guess, LR. Then LR must be flexible to allow us to have a significant parliamentary group in the image of what our family thought. We can not win one without the other.

What should the UDI? Participate in the primary, support a candidate in the primary LR or compete for president under its own colors?

The only certainty I have at this point is that the UDI does not have to be locked in the only nomination of a single candidate representing the party in the primary . Nothing would be worse than a candidate appointed by the UDI making a bad score! The presidential election is indeed based on a collective imagination, the parameters are not only the electoral weight of each political family

After everything is open. There may be several candidates UDI in primary or support a candidate whose LR is the closest. Personally, I do not intend to be a candidate in the primary or in the presidential election. I prefer to concentrate on my mission at the head of the Normandy region.

Must Borloo is the candidate of the UDI to the primary to put all the centrists of okay?

Jean-Louis Borloo has a real place in French politics and he is the natural candidate of the center to the primary. He knows that if he expressed the desire, the centrists are behind him.

Does The center has a future, then it seems in the process of imploding today ‘ hui?

the president will, I hope, centrists to meet. I find it necessary to build a new centrist formation after the presidential election, which would include all central sensitivities, once they have made the same choice for alternation.

It should together in the same party MoDem of François Bayrou, the UDI and centrist Republicans who would like. Borloo was successful in integrating UMP during the creation of the UDI, in September 2012.

Call you also a political realignment, which would see moderate right and left to govern together?

Yes, it is essential to build a central force bringing together all those who believe that the market economy must develop in a regulated system. On the evening of the first round of presidential elections, who will face Le Pen – which is the highest probability – will have the historic responsibility to bring out the central political force gathering all the “modern” in the same political party, to carry out the reforms needed to modernize the country.

This gathering, which would Valls to Sarkozy or Macron Juppé, brings in fact almost 60% of the French. This is also the original dream centrist! The emergence of the FN paradoxically makes this political recomposition that failed to François Mitterrand in 1988, nor Jacques Chirac in 2002, nor Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

So it would be a kind of national unity government, the German?

No, more than that. Political reshuffling, the institutions of the V th Republic impede becomes evident and a necessity. A large force capable, thanks to its political base, to bring the country’s transformation. A force of between, on one side, the right Poujadist the deadly retreat and the other a left denying the evidence of globalization and challenging the other model.


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