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Jean-Claude Gaudin (LR) re-elected president of the city Aix-Marseille Provence – Le Monde

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Jean-Claude Gaudin, in May 2014, in Paris.

Jean-Claude Gaudin (LR) was reelected without surprise Chairman of the metropolis Aix-Marseille Provence Thursday 17 March, just ten days after resigning this function. Senator and Mayor of Marseille won an absolute majority in the 1 st ballot, with 152 votes out of 239 voters. Implicated in his own camp there are still a few weeks, Gaudin, this time, is full of the Republican right. He also collected socialist voices, including that of the first federal secretary of the Bouches-du-Rhône, MP Jean-David Ciot, who refused to vote for the PS candidate, the elected Marseille Florence Mass.

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This vote concludes a very turbulent period for the city Aix-Marseille Provence more wide public intermunicipal cooperation of France, created the 1 st January 2016. Mr. Gaudin, 76, was first elected on November 9 in a tense atmosphere. This first meeting of the Metropolitan Assembly marked the climax of the existing opposition for months between Marseille elected, pro-metropolis, and representatives of surrounding municipalities. The election, initially canceled by the Administrative Court of Marseilles, was confirmed by the Constitutional Council, but Mr. Gaudin preferred to resign to extinguish any possibility of appeal.

new tears between elected PS

It seemed legitimate to appear again before the election ,” explained Thursday, March 17, the mayor of Marseille who also announced that it would leave the Senate “ 1 st September 2017 .” The re-election of Jean-Claude Gaudin was planned. The vote of the 240 metropolitan councilors reserved other surprises. Stephane Ravier, senator and mayor FN 7 th Marseille sector, has obtained 32 votes, 12 more than the number of elected Frontists present in the meeting. A socialist Senator Samia Ghali, who denounced a “ collusion ” of some local officials with the National Front, Mr. Ravier has answered a resounding “ Thanks to the courageous mayors.

This new meeting of the metropolitan Council has especially revealed the new tears in the Socialist party of Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseille between elected officials and elected officials from other municipalities. Jean-David Ciot first federal secretary PS, called for vote Jean-Claude Gaudin, while the majority of Marseilles Socialists wished to nominate one of their own, Florence Masse. “I remember that this city was intended by a socialist gouvenement, was justified Mr. Ciot. The time is no longer the political divide. “

Fiasco for the Socialists

The MP and Mayor of Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, small rural town of Aix-en- Provence, had accepted the proposal of Jean-Claude Gaudin reserve the Socialists three Vice-chairpersons and a position in executive office within the new territorial assembly. “ This is a trap Gaudin, advanced Senator Samia Ghali, president of the group of” OM “, which ensures it to have refused the mayor’s proposals LR Marseille. How can we participate in a right of executive while we denounce the management of Jean-Claude Gaudin to the city council? I’m not schizophrenic and I assume you want to reconquer the city of Marseille for the Socialist party. This is happening today ruled in favor of the National Front. These are UMPS arrangements and this poses a problem for my party at national level. “

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The rest of the meeting was a fiasco for Socialists and Jean-David Ciot. The mayors of Vitrolles, Loïc Gachon (PS), and Miramas, Frédéric Vigouroux (PS), which accounted for a vice presidency were beaten by the right candidates. “ Gaudin was not ability to keep its political agreement to his troops, and that assembly refused the metropolis is co-constructed with the left , regretted Mr Ciot which withdrew the third Socialist candidacy for vice president. After the regional elections that we have experienced, where the PS has an extremely important effort to block the road to the National Front, I see that the right has not understood the message and sectarise. I may be naive in politics, but this is a very bad signal for this area . ” PC mayor Rove, George Rosso, he has been elected fourth vice president of the metropolis. It will be the only representative left in the new community.


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