Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Marseille, the most congested city in France in 2015 – Le Figaro

In the top 5 of the most congested cities in France, Marseille leads with six days lost in traffic last year for its drivers.

with a journey time of 38% longer on average because of the caps, Marseille is the most congested city in France followed by Paris with an average level of congestion is 36% . This is the result of the fifth edition of the study on the traffic carried in 2015 by the manufacturer TomTom. The surprise comes from third place, occupied by Montpellier, which was in 2014 ranked sixth and replaces Bordeaux, then passing in fourth.

Based on the information gathered billion worldwide users via TomTom can then draw up a precise inventory of the situation in each of these cities. For the first five, in particular, the manufacturer was able to deliver information about the saturation of traffic, the worst of the week and time wasted each year by drivers stuck in traffic.

153 hours caps for motorists of Marseilles in 2015.

Marseille, a number . The congestion rate of 38% was up 2% compared to the previous year. The worst time to drive a week is Friday evening between 17h and 18h. Then the rate reaches 78%. The Marseillais lost, in 2015, 153 hours in traffic. The most bottled day in 2015 was on June 25, because of the taxi strike that had blocked roads.

Paris, two number . The congestion rate was 36% in 2015, an increase of 1% compared to 2014. The highest traffic saturation on weekdays is this time on Tuesday morning between 8am and 9am. the congestion rate rises to 72%. The driver lost last year 147 hours in traffic jams. As for the black day on the roads last year in Paris, it was on 20 November. A few days after the attacks of 13 November, many Parisians were afraid to take public transport and preferred traveling by car.

Montpellier, number three. The rate of congestion has reached 28% in 2015, an increase of 2% compared to 2014. as in Marseille is also on Friday night that the worst is rolled with a congestion rate then climbing up 60%. Lost time at the wheel in 2015 for motorists is 115 hours. As for the black day of 2015, it was Sunday, August 23, probably due to returns vacation.

Bordeaux, number four . The congestion rate is 27%, a decrease of 1% compared to 2014. On Friday between 17 and 18h ​​is the worst time to travel on weekdays. congestion rate then reached 71%. Lost time at the wheel in 2015 for motorists is 126 hours. The worst day in 2015 was July 31.

Lyon, number five . The congestion rate is 26%, an improvement of 1% over 2014. The worst times to ride are Tuesday from 8am to 9am on Thursday from 8am to 9am and Friday from 17 to 18h with a rate of congestion of 57% each time. Lost time at the wheel in 2015 for motorists was 117 hours. The black day was Thursday, Sept. 17.


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