Tuesday, March 22, 2016

“The life is 30 years in prison”? – France Info

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet says “Salah Abdeslam, who I believe 26 years, if he takes the maximum, it makes him 56 years. For life imprisonment in France, in fact, it is 30 years’ imprisonment. ” False.

First, to remove any ambiguity, a convict may spend more than thirty years in prison. The oldest prisoner of France, Marcel Gateau, is now trapped for 51 years.

Three held in “perpetuity incompressible”

Next, contrary to what said Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a sentence of 30 years imprisonment is not the maximum. In France there is a real or without parole. That is to say for certain crimes, safety period is unlimited: no penalty subdivision, no conditional freedom or TAs for lifers.

This is the moment in two types of case: the murder of children with rape, torture or barbarous act, or the killing of police officers or magistrates because of their duties. Three prisionniers are concerned today: Pierre Bodein, Michel Fourniret and Nicolas Blondiau, the murderer of the young Oceane 5 years ago

22 years of safety for terrorism cases


However, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet speaks Salah Abdeslam, so business related to terrorism. And in this case, the period of maximum safety in case of a life sentence is not 30 but 22 years, eight years younger than that advanced by the hon.

The deputies were voted early March an amendment to ensure that convicted to perpuité in terrorism cases are also concerned with the safety period without limit (Article 4b a). But for now, this is an amendment in the bill on penal reform.

Application as possible after 30 years, but …

if the extension of real life is extended to cases of terrorism, could they lifers spend their whole life in prison as some killers of children under 15? Yes and no …

The principle established by the European Court of Human Rights is that we can not lock someone without giving him the hope of a release Prison. Otherwise, it would be similar to inhuman treatment.

In fact, in France, even though he was sentenced to a mandatory sentence of life in prison, an inmate may request that rises its safety period after thirty years behind bars. But only after the opinion of a panel of three medical experts to determine the dangerousness of the offender.


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