Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Ile-de-France facilitates credit to very small and focuses on training – Les Echos

Thirty business leaders participated Monday in the work of the Conference on growth, employment and innovation organized by the Ile-de-France region. “We are taking urgent action now” , announced Valérie Pécresse their . The president Republicans in the region will start by facilitating access to credit TPE and SMEs, the main source of job creation. “We are strengthening the PM’UP device which benefited 1,000 companies since 2008″ , has she detailed. His credits will be increased this year from 8% to 26 million euros. Especially, its bouquet aid will now be accessible to businesses of all sectors, starting with those in the defense and nuclear that were excluded. Now there are many start-ups in these sectors.

The device will also be simplified. “There were two teams of candidates each year, we now treat the issue over water” , assured Valérie Pécresse, which means that companies hire as soon as they can. The region will also support the digital transition of traditional ecological and SMEs. And unlock access to microcredit by guaranteeing more loans. Taken with bpifrance and private banks, this initiative should allow more than three years and companies with less than 50 employees to borrow from 10,000 to 50,000 euros, without security, over five years with one year grace period. “By making 6 million euros in guarantees, we will allow to achieve 1,000 loans of 25,000 euros on average” , said the president of the region. To this will be added a series of reciprocal commitments with employment center. The region, which is already in charge of group training, intends to resume individual training dealt with by the operator. For its part, the latter specifically agrees that each unemployed person has an appointment with a counselor in the month following are registration, against four months now. Ultimately, job seekers should be able to get training in the month following the interview. Employment center will also be associated with the stimulus of learning in the region.

Effort on group training

For now, however it is the collective training that will wear the effort. The region will help employment center to fund digital tools to enable unemployed people to make an online skills assessment and noted the training they have received. They will be able to move more easily to training and jobs available at their level.

In this context, the region intends to be involved in the full device 500,000 government jobs. The state will provide 24 million euros to the group training budget, bringing it to € 36 million, which will fund 6,000 collective training against 2,000 now. No question of only the number. “We want to make quality through training, as English airport in Roissy area, allowing job seekers to find work” , warns Valerie Pécresse.

Dominique Malécot, Les Echos


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