Monday, March 21, 2016

To avoid a political crisis, Cameron announced the withdrawal of a disputed budget measure – The World

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, to MPs  on 21 March.

British Prime Minister David Cameron was forced Monday March 21 to remove a budget measure that triggered a government crisis, with the referendum June on maintaining the EU in the background.

Invited by the House of Commons to speak on the agreement signed between the EU and Turkey on migrants, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to try to stem this crisis in the Conservative party.

He announced renounce the controversial budget cuts at the root of the government crisis. “Regarding (benefits) disability, I will say this, we will not continue with the changes that have been announced” , has he said to the deputies. His new Minister of Work and Pensions, Stephen Crabb, added stating that this withdrawal does not mean other cuts elsewhere. “We have no other projects to save money on social benefits” , has he said.

Although qu’abandonnées, these measures economy announced Wednesday as part of the 2016/2017 budget the government have come to light deep divisions within conservative on the austerity policy conducted for six years by David Cameron and his closest ally, Finance Minister George Osborne.

Accounts to settle with his ministers

Considered as favorite to succeed David Cameron with the eurosceptic London Mayor Boris Johnson, the Chancellor Exchequer is in the heart of the storm. It has also not moved Monday before MPs, angering the Labour opposition who treated “coward” and calling for the outright withdrawal of all the budget. Before MPs, David Cameron has meanwhile defended his minister, his “friend” and the economic record of his government.

David Cameron also attempted to bury the hatchet war with ex-Minister of Labour Iain Duncan Smith, bowing “enormous contribution” the minister. It “can be proud of what he accomplished” , he added. Eurosceptic Iain Duncan Smith, who wants the architect and theoretician of a comprehensive reform of welfare, resigned in protest against this cut of 1.3 billion pounds (1.65 billion euros) in the budget for allowances for disabled persons.

His surprise resignation Friday night comes three months before a referendum on a possible exit of Britain from the European Union. The resigning minister said Sunday in an interview with the BBC, that the budget announced on 16 March by the Finance Minister, George Osborne, was a “injustice” . He accused Mr Cameron of “ to drift in a direction that divides society instead of together

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