Monday, March 21, 2016

Los Angeles – Washington may have found a way to unlock the iPhone – The Express

Washington won Monday the lifting of a key hearing scheduled for Tuesday to Riverside Court in California (Southwest US), not far from the scene of the deadliest attack in the US since September 11 2001, he made 14 dead and 22 wounded.

Investigators will test “ sustainability ” method that was their “ suggested by third parties “, and will provide the judge Sheri Pym an evaluation report by April 5.

Washington Apple had engaged in weeks one arm of iron legal and media highly crystallizing the debate on the balance between national security and protection of privacy.

Tuesday’s hearing took place under the scrutiny of many media in the presence of demonstrations in support of Apple.

The American investigators, supported by victims’ families, claim to have access to potentially critical data to determine how the attack was organized on 2 December, led by Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik particularly if they have benefited from external aid.

Apple, for its part, argues that decrypt phone Farook open a Pandora’s box and would justify the authorities requesting access to personal data of many citizens for many reasons, threatening their right to privacy.

The firm Apple has the support of security experts, activists for the right to privacy and other technology giants.

During his joust with the technology giant, the government “ continued its efforts to access the iPhone without using Apple ,” according to a press press the US Department of Justice, which culminated Sunday in the “ submission from third parties for a possible method to unlock the phone .”

For the expert Robert Enderle technologies, told AFP he could be John McAfee, founder of the eponymous anti-virus, or a former Apple employee .

After the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, “ many employees left ,” he said, noting also that the telephone Syed Farook, iPhone 5, “ is far less secure than the (latest versions) 6 or 6S .”

– The Government ‘optimistic’ –

However, the federal police will test this method to ensure that only “ not destroy phone data “but” we remain reasonably optimistic , “the statement said.

The FBI wants Apple to help write new software, what the software giant calls “ Rear door ” to circumvent the encryption of data it installed on their smartphones.

The authorities claim that Apple is not above the law and they require only access to one phone Farook, who worked for the Health Services San Bernardino County and opened fire on colleagues on 2 December.

Apple, who also presented on Monday new smaller models and cheaper for its iPhone and iPad tablet had yet suggested it would weaken not in his categorical refusal force phone Farook.

We have to decide as a nation what power should have the government on our data and privacy “, told Apple boss Tim Cook on Monday at the presentation of new products.

We firmly believe that we have an obligation to help protect your data and privacy “, he added.

The advocacy group Human Rights Amnesty International has also argued against lifting the encryption.

Encryption, compared with “ covers and curtains ” is “ basic prerequisite for privacy and freedom of expression in Digital age “and” governments trying to undermine encryption should think twice before opening this Pandora’s box , “said the association.

Endangering confidentiality of data online would have disastrous consequences on free societies, particularly for activists of human rights and journalists who put our officials to their responsibilities “the statement concluded Amnesty.

The association calls for governments to reverse the “ promote and protect internet communications .”


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