Monday, May 16, 2016

86% of French, no, it does not get better in France – Europe1


Is it really better go to France, as says François Hollande? The president will try to demonstrate the Tuesday, May 17 between 7:30 and 8:30 on Europe 1 . And the French? What do they think? Discover the IFOP survey exclusively for Europe 1.

86% of the French answer “no” but … The French are very, very skeptical about the overall look of the country but still perceive signs of improvement. To the question “would you say that things are better for the French?”, 86% answered “no.” Only 14% therefore feel that the country’s overall situation is better. Note that these 14% of satisfied correspond to the current popularity of the Head of State.

51% find that their situation improves. So collectively, the country is not better. However, when asked “Would you say that it’s better for you?”, They answer “yes” to 51%.

The optimism of Holland does not print. We can draw two lessons from this survey. First, the frenzied optimism, voluntarism Hollande does not print on the country’s situation. “The recovery is there,” said the President on January 14, 2013. In the spring of 2014, François Hollande even prognosticated a “cyclical downturn”. This voluntarism still not convinced the French.

A Holland to convince the French … one by one. Second thing, 51% of French believe that their situation improves. So there it is a breeding ground for François Hollande: the French are not pessimistic, just waiting to be convinced. Still, it will have to convince almost one to one.


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