Monday, May 16, 2016

Night stand: Cazeneuve advocates firmness against “violent activists” –

On a visit to Rennes yesterday, scene of violence in recent weeks, the interior minister reiterated the firmness of the government against the rioters.

On a visit to Rennes, yesterday, the day after the imprisonment of a high school student suspected of having participated in the assault of a police officer in Nantes, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve aa affirmed his “total determination” not to leave “the activists to reign handles disorder and the law of violence in cities and neighborhoods should reign only one law, that of the Republic. “

in paying tribute to the work of law enforcement , exposed with “groups of extreme violence”, he has said: “demonstrators are attacking property, that attack, we saw, in the embodiment of public services, to public facilities, which are attacking policemen and gendarmes because they wear the uniform. (…) This is intolerable and it will not be tolerated “

Over the last two months standing Nights mobilized across France against the Labour Act, with forums and discussions with the scent of direct democracy, but also sometimes overflows and clashes with the police due to thugs that leach into the usually peaceful demonstrations.

Last night Nights standing have joined the Global motion standing in solidarity with the Spanish Indignados movement, which was formed there just five years. But this call was little understood in Europe. 150 people gathered in Brussels and a hundred in Berlin

Popularity Decline

But if the movement attracted many young people, or of those without work, he struggles to gain a foothold in the wider society. Thus, in a Odoxa poll for Le Parisien, the French tire of these events. Thus, the movement lost 11 popularity points in a month. Today, 49% of the French support (60% April 8th) while 50% reject it. A decline gradually “as images of clashes and deterioration took precedence over those in the media sympathetic intellectual debates and friendly,” says Gaël Sliman, president of Odoxa in its analysis. Nearly one in two French (47%) believes that the word “violent” “applies well” at night standing.

6 out of 10 French movement “would not represent the people well “and would” not force proposal “

severe Analysis also the Secretary of State for higher education, Thierry Mandon.” the mobilization of youth rest is very very limited, ” he told the Grand jury RTL / Le Figaro / LCI. There was no “great conflagration of universities” because “El Khomri law has not been seen by youth as a law that threatened”.

Yesterday in Toulouse, 600 were met in the evening in front of city Hall. In Paris, 1,500 people came to Republic Square discuss topics as diverse as art, French Africa or Palestine.

“The award of fear”

in search of a second wind, movement citizen Night Stand has sought to export by calling yesterday for an international campaign against trademark “who behave the worst.”

with this operation “NOLIST”, users can vote and an online campaign but also concrete actions will be explained a member of the movement adding, “it is about creating the fellowship of fear to force brands to change their policy. “


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