Sunday, May 15, 2016

Night standing attempts to export abroad – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The movement born of protest to Labour Law in Paris launched a global call Sunday. Less popular in public opinion, standing Night of internationalization seems difficult to achieve.

“Night upright” wants to become “Global Standing “. Sunday, the Parisian movement appealed to occupy “public places around the world” to “express themselves and reclaim politics.” Hundreds of people gathered Place de la Republique in Paris but in 130 foreign cities in 28 countries, according to the initiators. Rallies were planned in 266 French cities. campaign declinations have even renamed “Ruralité standing.”

On the Place de la Republique in Paris, concerts and trade with other gatherings in the world have succeeded. The orchestra gave up his third concert, interpreting the Bolero Ravel, and broadcast live on Periscope.

This Sunday coincided with the fifth anniversary of the Spanish movement of the “indignant”, born in 2011 in Madrid, which is partly from Podemos, the anti-austerity party become an essential political force. In France, it is unlikely that the motion standing Night follows the same trajectory. According to a survey Odoxa Le Parisien , Night stand, which has suffered from thugs action alongside its gatherings, lost 11 points of favorable opinions in one month in the French opinion, very divided about it. Of 993 respondents on 12 and 13 May, 49% say they support it while 50% are of the opposite opinion. A large majority of respondents (66%) do not believe that it can turn into a political party as Podemos and 70% does not believe in the emergence of a global Night Stand.


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