Saturday, May 21, 2016

A policeman killed during an operation in the Var – The World

Location map of Gassin (Var).

a Gassin, Var, intervention gendarmes turned to drama, Saturday, May 21 A member of the Task Force of the National Gendarmerie (GIGN) Orange (Vaucluse) was killed when he intervened to try to control a madman.

The 80 year old man was entrenched in his home after shooting his wife with a hunting rifle, wounding lightly. It had managed to escape and raise the alarm the police.

Hidden behind his garage

Members of the GIGN antenna ‘ orange, notably including two negotiators were then dispatched to the scene at about 9 am. But when the intervention column approached the house, the man hiding behind his garage, arose and fired two shots against the gendarme column, touching the neck and face.

having burnt his house, the man then fled the area before firing two bullets into his mouth. Seriously injured it had to be evacuated by helicopter to a hospital.


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