Thursday, May 19, 2016

Egyptair flight Paris-Cairo, “a series of checks” already launched in Roissy – Le Figaro

After the crash Thursday morning off the Greek island Karpathos flight MS804 party Roissy, audit processes are multiplying in the Paris region airport and national companies.

the crash of flight MS804, with 56 passengers and 10 crew members, has direct consequences on aviation security in France. For this Airbus A320 departed from Roissy. “We are not yet sure of anything, but this event triggered a series of verification process,” says an expert in Paris. First reflex national companies: to ensure that there was no “code sharing” with Egyptair on that flight. Air France, for example, was concerned neither commercially nor technically.

“The rest, in the event of a terrorist act, is a baggage control problem, screening lists passengers. Everything will then be being watched by the Gendarmerie Air Transport (GTA). She will have to establish who was stationed at the security screening, cargo, be interested in all the video footage from the cameras of the affected areas, “said a senior official of the airport hub at Roissy.

As a departure from terminal 1, the site manager, Aéroports de Paris (ADP), will have to answer many requests from authorities. “Investigators will inevitably be interested in the ground crew, to be certain that there was not among those employees a risk profile. Many Salafis have already been detected in the past, among those who had access to areas for loading and unloading aircraft, “said one part of the Border Police (PAF). In mid-December, the head of ADP, Augustin de Romanet, had announced that “nearly 70 badges” agents on the 85,000 who work in the most secure areas of Roissy and Orly were withdrawn since early 2015, including “of radicalization.”

The investigation on a criminal path is inevitable, even if a distress call to a breakdown or weather incident has been sent by the crew of flight MS804 before the plane disappeared. An expert assures, in effect: “No one can rule out the hypothesis that the pilot would broadcast a message type, in the stress of a pirate, which may as well be a fanatical unbalanced. There are many drivers who deliberately crashent their planes now. . Nothing is ruled in aviation security “For now, nothing confirms sending a message of this type in the case of flight Egyptair: if the company has said that such a signal has been issued, the Egyptian army, she has denied.

Regarding the terrorist track, a police officer very aware of these issues adds: “It was nice to take precautions to boarding, the danger always comes from the weakest link in the security chain. At Sharm el-Sheikh, for example, in the latest aircraft targeted, the bomb was placed in the unit from the track by a terrorist who had access to this area. Sometimes there complicity in airports. We must not hide the “

However, specialist asks.” It is still curious about the flight MS804, out of Roissy, the plane disappears after three hours of flight. Typically, terrorists detonate their bomb fairly rapidly. Anyway, without set the timer to three hours of takeoff. ” The investigation begins, led by the Paris prosecutor, with 15 French victims among the passengers, is also a race against time. For if complicities are emerging in Roissy, it will quickly find members of this network that can strike again. The matter is very serious.


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