Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cazeneuve: “We are determined to continue these thugs one by one” – Le Figaro

Bernard Cazeneuve hardens the tone on the eve of a new day of protests against the labor law. After the attack an “extreme violence” of two police officers in Paris on Wednesday, the Interior Minister announced that four arrests had taken place and others intervene.

Given the laxity of accusations, the government raises its voice. On the eve of a new day of strikes and demonstrations, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve held Wednesday evening a firmness of speech vis-à-vis “thugs” while a police car in which circulated two agents, was set on fire Wednesday in Paris by police anti-protesters. A “scene of violence rarely seen and extremely shocking”, in the words of Commissioner of Police Michel Cadot.

Four arrests have already been held and others “intervene” announced Bernard Cazeneuve in evening to the press. Among personnnes arrested as part of an investigation for “attempted murder”, three, placed in custody, had “been from the Paris police headquarters of a ban appear in the demonstrations through evidence obtained by an intelligence work, “said the minister. Orders “broken by the administrative court,” he has insisted.

Administrative justice has indeed suspended Tuesday arrested nine out of ten issued by the Commissioner of Police. These orders prevented activists “anti-fascist” to join Tuesday’s demonstration against the labor law. The minister did not specify, however, whether the three in custody were directly involved in the attack on the car: “The investigation will tell the exact part that these individuals were caught in the violence.”

“We are determined to continue these thugs one by one.” “Nothing will stop the state nor the Interior Ministry to stop this violence,” insisted the tenant of the place Beauvau, criticized from all sides for his management of policing. For proof, the minister announced that he would “ask the prefect to regain bans seem for a list of individuals” whose actions are “barbarism.” “We know (their) profile,” he assured, adding wanting to “protect those who wish to demonstrate peacefully for the actions of these thugs.” He added that he decided to ban a planned demonstration in Nantes on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, the Loire-Atlantic prefecture announced it had banned for the first time, the event provided for in the city ​​of the Dukes of Brittany against the Labour law, explaining that this event was not “organized by a political movement, association or trade union.” “Several events were organized under the same conditions in recent weeks and have consistently led to intolerable attacks against the forces of order and unacceptable degradation of public and private property,” he argued.

Since the first event on March 9, 180 arrests were recorded in Nantes and 71 policemen were injured by thrown projectiles, according to a statement issued by the Departmental Directorate of Public Security of the Loire -Atlantic. Last week, the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine who had decided to ban a demonstration in Rennes, which did not prevent overflows.


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