Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Valls called to define a “social project” – Liberation

Manuel Valls called Wednesday in his stronghold of Evry (Essonne) left to define a “social project” on the occasion of the 2017 presidential election, during an exchange of two hours with the French.

“what is missing is the project company, a society where distrust, where fear, where obstacles, conservatism, discrimination finally disappear to make room for freedom of everyone to create his own destiny. It must basically say what kind of society we want, “said the Prime Minister before 450 people, according to organizers, gathered in a gymnasium of Evry, the city where he was mayor for years.

“We need a project. The left can not be strong if it revives the project, with the Republic and France. His fate is not to talk to herself, to be in the small quarrel or in the division, but it’s great to talk is to offer hope, “stressed the Prime Minister.

Having dropped the jacket from the beginning of the meeting and supported at a desk, Manuel Valls left meet his ministers repeatedly and especially Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, very stressed at this meeting, to ‘studious atmosphere, specifically devoted “to youth and education.”

the Minister of Town and youth, Patrick Kanner, and the Secretaries of State Jean-Marie Le Guen ( Relations with Parliament) and Thierry Mandon (higher Education) made the trip, as more than twenty MPs PS, including Malek Boutih, Christophe Caresche or Gilles Savary.

“I want a society of solidarity, “said Manuel Valls, qualifying of” reformist “.

” the young and the RSA universal income are ideas to put in the public debate, “a- he said in this regard. Although the universal income will “five, ten, fifteen years” to be applied in 2017 can provide the opportunity to consider this project

-. “We have twelve months ahead of us” –

“We have twelve months to go with the president. We have twelve months to do at least two things; protect safety French, growth, employment, fight against inequality, lower taxes (…) And we still have twelve months to broaden horizons, to build for tomorrow (…) to recreate a dynamic Occasionally (presidential), “insisted Manuel Valls.

” My deep conviction is that we can not remain static, immmobiles (…) in opposition projects are forged, which can break the social bond, and then there is the project of the extreme right (…), which carries a breaking project. Around us, there are also, particularly on the left, logical division, logic of defeat, “he warned.

” We must be able to create a vibrant, collect, and this dynamic, it must start from the source, that is to say, the people, the citizens, “said Manuel Valls again, announcing more such meetings in the coming weeks, including Clermont -Ferrand and Gironde.

“society project” to which he aspires must also be able to provide answers to “a thousand forms of radicalization” that may exist in the country, as “delinquency”, the “vote right-wing “or” channels “jihadists.

Manuel Valls wanted with this meeting regain the initiative in a charged political environment, recently marked by the creation of the movement” Hey Oh the left! ” Stéphane Le Foll, to defend the record of government action, the movement “Power Up!” by the Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, climbing in the polls, and finally by accents resembling more to those of a candidate from Francois Hollande.

the deputy PS Essonne Carlos Da Silva, one of the organizers of the meeting, however, took care to emphasize that the decision organize these meetings was taken well before the launch of the movement in Marche

Manuel Valls made only a brief reference to his economy minister: “there are who want to engage in the door-to-door but us, it’s been made of it, door-to-door, “said he launched the laughter, alluding to the door-to-door What lead to Emmanuel Macron its movement.



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