Saturday, May 14, 2016

Incidents in Rennes before a banned demonstration against “police violence” – Le Figaro

Despite a prohibition order issued by the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine, the police expect the arrival Saturday from 700 to 1,000 protesters, some determined “break cop” after new clashes occurred Friday night in the capital of the Ille-et-Vilaine.

is about Rennes to live a tense Saturday. After further incidents between protesters and security forces on Friday night and despite a prohibition order made by the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine, the police expect the demonstration against ” police violence “attracts between 700 and 1,000 people. “We will not deal with lambda breakers,” warns David Leveau, secretary SGP FO in Rennes. “We expect to see a mixture of zadistes, anti-capitalist activists and Black Block, these professionals breakers that have seen in all the major international events like the G20.”

Friday evening already, fronts several banks, clothing stores and a police station were shattered suddenly iron bars by 150 radical militants, found witnesses. These incidents took place Friday morning after the evacuation of an occupied city hall for twelve days by opponents of the Labor Law and movement participants Night Stand.

Individuals “trained” to trigger urban violence

in anticipation of the day Saturday, the police controls have been set up outside the city to “prevent listed individuals can enter Rennes,” said the elected union. Between four and five CRS companies are expected reinforcements, more than 300 employees. the security forces are afraid of violent outbursts. “They will not be there to put flowers in our outfits, but rather to break the cop,” said David Leveau. For their part, several banks and shops of downtown Rennes have covered their facades panels of plywood against for fear of damage.

Not stated, the call to demonstrate is relayed in the anti-capitalist networks on social networks. The prefecture has issued a prohibition order “based on the risk of disturbing public order, serious, serious, substantiated by anything that has happened in recent times and the form taken by these appeals” to manifest, Patrick Dallennes detailing Friday, the interim prefect and prefect delegate to the zone defense and western security. He described such calls as “extremely violent”, noting that “very serious fact, they call to physically attack the police.” He stressed that the organizers “are individuals who have distinguished themselves in the violent protests in recent weeks, especially in Nantes.” “We know that among people who want to come, some were prepared, have trained, organized and prepared urban violence actions,” he said. The order “will lead to the organizers a risk of criminal sanction and also penalties for those who participate.”

Event “high risk”

For two months, Rennes was the scene of sometimes violent demonstrations against the labor law, a young protester who lost the use of one eye April 28 following a projectile jet. Some protesters blamed the injury on a shooting defense Bale Thrower (LBD40) of the police, but an investigation by prosecutors and entrusted to IGPN (General Inspectorate of the National Police) is underway to determine exact origin of the projectile. Saturday’s demonstration “is considered high risk,” ruled the Socialist mayor of Rennes, Nathalie Appéré, in a statement.

The interior minister “assured me of his determination to do everything for it is not an opportunity to violence and serious misbehavior,” she added. “I told the mayor of Rennes I will put at the disposal of the prefect necessary reinforcement police for any violation of this ban on demonstrations result in arrest and that perpetrators are made available to the judicial authority “confirmed Bernard Cazeneuve while traveling in the Loire, adding that Rennes, like Nantes, had” not intended to become a battleground for violent thugs “.


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