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Labour law: it is known incidents in Rennes – The Obs

A lot of puzzle action occurred in Rennes margin mobilization against the Labour Law: the balance of the evening of Friday, May 13 that saw oppose more hundreds of young people to law enforcement in the Brittany town after the evacuation, earlier in the day, a municipal hall occupied by the opponents of the bill passed by deputies Thursday on first reading. Back on the place of facts:

The evacuation as a starting point

The tension was exacerbated after the evacuation on Friday at dawn, d ‘opponents of the Labor law of municipal hall they had occupied for 12 days.

the occupants were evicted from the site, renamed “House of the people” by the forces of the order, the ranks of which included a unit of Raid .

the suite is played in the evening

the evacuated occupants had called for new Friday rally to 20 hours on the Place Sainte-Anne, in the historic center of Rennes.

first, a calm face to face started between some 200 young people and the forces of order that kept reinvesting the places which they had been evicted.

then, around 21:30, while the number of protesters, many of whom were hooded, had much bigger, some began to attack to surveillance cameras and fences of the metro project.

the security forces responded with tear gas and demonstrators headed towards the city center, some committing numerous degradations on their way.

many degradation

the windows of a police station were smashed, several bank branches have picket fences in place to protect uprooted, their windows broken using beams inside ransacked

on Twitter, France Bleu Armorique published numerous photos outlining the damage:

boutiques, local PS also had their windows broken.

When the socialist town hall was attacked in his turn, the security forces intervened to expel the protesters breakers.

breaks shares have ceased shortly after 23 pm, some groups off their dark clothing to hide them in bags before dispersing into town, AFP noted.

Two arrests

“We have been dealing with shares very violent commando prepared with highly mobile demonstrators sometimes divided into several groups, “said AFP Chief prefect of the defense and security area west Dallennes Patrick.

Two people were arrested, he said.

“We forget completely the claims against the labor law, that is violence against the economy, the institutions,” laments the official said.

a demonstration banned on Saturday

the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine banned outfit on Saturday of an undeclared demonstration against “police violence” .

“Rennes and Nantes were not intended to become a battleground for violent thugs, animated by hatred of the State and of the Republic,” said Bernard Cazeneuve.

“I will put at the disposal of the prefect necessary reinforcement forces that any violation of this prohibition to manifest results in arrest and that perpetrators are made available to the judicial authority,” added the interior minister, speaking during a trip in the Loire Friday.

EH with AFP


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