Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rennes: hundreds of people defied the ban on demonstrations – Le Figaro

Saturday afternoon, a rally was underway in the city center despite the ban of the authorities who feared further acts of vandalism after the Friday night incident.

Despite the ban of the event and severe set prefect of the guard, they were to be several hundred gathered Saturday afternoon Place Charles de Gaulle in Rennes. To 13 hours, some 400 to 500 demonstrators had made an appointment in the quiet on the esplanade located close to the station, to denounce “police brutality.” A procession surrounded by a strong police presence.

After speaking to denounce “a socialist government that can not govern with the 49-3″, the protesters were blocked in the vicinity immediate of the vast esplanade, coming into contact with mobile police cords that have used at least three times tear gas. “The police maims, kills the police,” shouted the protesters, prevented from winning the historic center, shopping malls overlooking the esplanade and the train tracks nearby.

In anticipation of the day Saturday , gendarmerie controls were set up outside the city to avoid that listed individuals can enter Rennes. September CRS companies, 4 are deployed water cannons, announced Saturday morning Dallennes Patrick, the interim prefect and prefect delegate to the zone defense and security west, quoted by France Bleu Armorique. Two helicopters also need to relay to monitor the banned rally. Criminal sanctions could be taken against the organizers of the rally day and fines for protesters. “The city of Rennes is not intended to become a violent thugs battlefield,” said the Prefect.

Friday evening already, the fronts of several banks, clothing stores and a police station were shattered suddenly iron bars by 150 radical militants, after the evacuation on the morning of a municipal hall occupied for twelve days by opponents of the Labor law and the participants of the movement Night Stand.

the prefect Dallennes spoke Saturday morning “urban guerrilla tactics” from “thugs” and not of “demonstrators”. “There will be no tolerance, firmness is up a notch (…) We have the means to repress to enforce the rule of law,” said he warned, calling on residents to avoid the center of Rennes. “Leave it to the police.”

“No violence should be accepted”, has declared President Francois Hollande on the sidelines of a summit in Nigeria. “While it is necessary to ensure the protection of a number of events and to ensure that freedom, any violence is unacceptable precisely because it reaches of goods, people and more it mobilizes forces security today must be essentially devoted to the protection of our territory and our people face the threat of terrorism, “added the head of state.

for two months, Rennes was the theater sometimes violent protests against the labor law, a young protester who lost the use of one eye April 28 following a projectile jet. Some protesters blamed the injury on a shooting defense Bale Thrower (LBD40) police. An investigation by prosecutors and entrusted to IGPN (General Inspectorate of the National Police) is underway to determine the exact origin of the projectile.


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