Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rennes facing the outburst of urban violence –

The security forces came in numbers yesterday prevented some 700 protesters marching in central Rennes to protest against “police violence”, the day after a night of damage committed by some 300 rioters. A heavy device of some 500 men, according to police, surrounded the vast esplanade Charles de Gaulle, close to the station, using tear gas and bullets defense launchers to prevent demonstrators who had gathered to 13 hours of leave in procession in the city. “Things were very clear: no matter marching,” said Patrick Dallennes, Acting Prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine and prefect delegate to the zone defense and western security. The demonstrators threw objects towards the police, according to the prefecture, who said that no one was injured.

“The police mutilated, police murders,” demonstrators shouted . The demonstrators were allowed to leave the place after showing the contents of their bag-to-back to the police. The police shall ensure that prevent small groups reconstitute themselves in the city center, said Mr Dallennes. The security forces, backed by two helicopters, have not had to use four water cannons that had been pre-positioned. Before the event, the police had made 22 identity checks on people who went on the esplanade. Four were placed in custody, including one who was in possession of a hammer and three others who refused to submit to fingerprints taken, according to Dallennes.

violence Night

Since Nigeria where he is visiting, President Francois Hollande denounced the damage committed Friday night in Rennes, saying that “no violence should be accepted.”

“they used, they reached out to grab the clothes that were just behind,” lamented yesterday morning Bonnechere Frederick, owner of a clothing store, discovering his establishment vandalized. “We try to create a customer and there, it’s been a month and a half there are more customers in Rennes”, was sorry the merchant. To the prefect Acting, the demonstrators had developed “urban guerrilla warfare”, with small, highly mobile groups taking little time to different targets before disappearing into the wild after being changed. For two months, Rennes has been the scene of sometimes violent demonstrations against the labor law, a young protester who lost the use of one eye April 28 following a projectile jet. Some protesters blamed the injury on a shooting defense Bale Thrower (LBD40) of the police.

Urban Guerilla

A group of breakers evolved Friday in the historic center up to 23 hours, methodically breaking the windows of several banks, shops and public buildings: the town hall, a post office, a police station. The headquarters of the Socialist Party has also been targeted as well as bus shelters and a car that was the subject of an attempted incendie.Les police have used tear gas outside the town hall and place Sainte -Anne but could not prevent degradation of shops, despite five arrests.


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