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Who are the victims of the flight MS804 EgyptAir? – The world

Relatives of the victims, 20 May 2016 in  Cairo, Egypt.

Thursday, EgyptAir communicated passenger nationality thirty Egyptians; Fifteen French; two Iraqis; a British-Australian; Belgian ; a Kuwaiti; a Saudi; a Sudanese; a Chadian; a Portuguese ; an Algerian and a Canadian.

The Minister of the Egyptian civil aviation, Sherif Fathy, declined to “publish a comprehensive list of passenger names” for “humanitarian grounds” , according to the website of Al Arabiya.

Some names have nevertheless begun to emerge. Who were the victims? The world. fr will publish as and extent of information about those whose presence on board was confirmed.

Faisal Bettiche, his wife, Saoudi Nouha and their two young children

Four members of a French-Algerian family in Angers, including two young children, disappeared in the accident. This is Bettiche Faisal, his wife Nouha Saoudi, their little boy, Mohamed, 2 years, and their little 8 month old daughter, Joumana, as HuffPost Maghreb.

“it was a valued family, many people” , testified Christophe Béchu, the mayor of the city, Agence France-Presse. The father, trading in fruit and vegetables, “was regularly the market in Angers” , where it was installed long. The couple had not taken a vacation for a long time and went to rest in Egypt with his children.

Clement-Daeshner Cormary

Clement Daeschner-Cormary, 29, was sales manager at Aviva Investors, an asset management company. According to his profile posted on LinkedIn, quoted by the Daily Beast, the young man, who liked to play handball, had studied marketing and international finance at Grenoble and Paris, before joining large companies like Renault, Natixis and BNP Paribas. He wrote like “part of the board of a nonprofit organization” .

Joao David e Silva

the Portuguese Joao David e Silva, a civil engineer of 62 years, worked for the construction company Mota-Engil in South Africa, where he coordinated the construction operations for the African continent, according to the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha . He was to travel to Accra, Ghana for a meeting and had to continue the trip to South Africa, where he lived most of the time, the newspaper said.

Marwa Hamdy

the Canadian Marwa Hamdy was born and raised in Saskatoon, in central Canada, the newspaper National Post . She lived for some time in Cairo, where she worked at IBM. Mother of three son, M me Hamdy had flown Wednesday night to go home, after visiting with family in Paris.

Ahmed Helal

Egyptian nationality, Helal Ahmed flew to Cairo on Wednesday to visit his ailing father, according to Le Courrier Picard . Ex-manager of Protect & amp; Gamble in the Egyptian capital, he arrived at Amiens in 2014 with his wife and two children to take charge of the French subsidiary of the American multinational specializing in beauty and hygiene products.

the CEO of P & G for France and Benelux described a “brilliant site director” and “exceptional human being” . “A manager endearing” , added Alain Gest, LR deputy president of the Somme and Amiens metropolis. Mr. Helal, who had received it a few weeks ago, the Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, “was not satisfied as can be seen also to be present in the factory, he s ‘involved in economic life “, stressed Mr. Gest.

Heslouin Pierre and his son Quentin

father of five Pierre Heslouin, engineering advisor of 75 years in retirement, living Nogent-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne). He was aboard the plane with his son Quentin, 41, who, he lived in London, reports The Paris . They were accustomed to travel together for Edith, wife of the first and second mother, died a year ago.

Former company director, Pierre Hesloin was very involved in the jobseekers sponsorship association Visemploi 94. “ the whole family was known [in Nogent-sur-Marne] since Edith and Peter had been elected to the City Council” , the newspaper said. Pierre Heslouin leaves orphaned her four children, two of whom were born triplets with Quentin.

Pascal Hess

freelance photographer living in Evreux (Eure), Pascal Hess is mounted on Wednesday night in the A320 that was to take him to Egypt, where he intended to spend a few days with a friend diving animator in a holiday club. According to Le Parisien , Hess, 51, was employed at the snack hospital of Evreux. The local The Dispatch Weekly portrayed his side a man who loves music, “freelance photographer from the local rock scene,” that “followed for several years the concerts of the Festival d’Evreux. ” There was also a “of the staunchest supporters of Evreux Volleyball” .

Richard Osman

Richard Osman, geologist of 40 years, went to Egypt to work. Married to a French, he was the father of two girls, one was born in the end of April. Son of an Egyptian doctor, Osman grew up in Wales, then went to work for a gold mining company in Australia. He was returned to Europe for many years and lived with his family on the island of Jersey. His brother Alastair, who testified on ITV, evokes a “very kind and loving person” and a “workaholic” .

Abdul Mohsen Al-Sohaili

This Kuwaiti economist had to travel to Cairo for a three-day break, according to his nephew Masharei Al-Sohaili, quoted by the New York Times . Father of “two children both disabled” was “happy to come” , said that close.

Mahamat Seitchi

Young economist trained in Cameroon, the Chadian Mahamat Seitchi had flown to France after having passed the competition at the prestigious military school of Saint-Cyr-Coëtquidan (Morbihan), where he was cadet, according to the Chadian newspaper Chad Info . He went to Ndjamena, Chad, via Cairo, to attend the funeral of his mother, who had recently died.

His friend Mahamat Saleh Umar, quoted by the newspaper, remembers a man “quiet worker” had “full of plans and ambition” . “He loved his studies. He shone wherever he went, “ went further an uncle.

Geert Supre

Belgian 56-year-old father three children, he was born in Watervliet, a small village in East Flanders. Director of Vanguard Logistics Services logistics company, he had to travel to Cairo for business reasons, reports the Belgian media. “It was a citizen of strain Watervliet, someone rather quiet, busy with his work. He has always lived in the village. The whole town is in mourning and wants solidarity with his family, “, responded the mayor, Franki Van Moere, quoted by the website.

Karim Swellam

Swellam Karim, 32, lived in Cergy (Val-d’Oise). According to Le Parisien , the young man flew to Cairo with his girlfriend – which we do not know the identity – for a wedding

Mr.. Swellam, born in Alexandria, was the boss of a climate and electrical engineering company based in Argenteuil. He was also a volunteer firefighter from 2009 to 2015. The commander Sylvain Chateau, head of the city’s emergency center describes a person “very cheerful” , “faithful to its employees and charismatic “.


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