Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A driver stuck S VTC in custody, explosives seized from him – L’Express

This discovery is the result of chance. Europe 1 reported on Tuesday morning that police found explosives in a VTC driver Monday night after his arrest on the road. Information confirmed to The Express a source close to the investigation said that the facts have started in the night from Sunday to Monday in Sucy-en-Brie, Val-de-Marne.

“When a traffic stop following a breach of the traffic, both vehicle occupants were arrested,” says our source. The driver aged 22, and his passenger 20 years were taken into custody.

On board the car, police found the “paperwork” – cards, passports, driving licenses – that were stolen during a robbery perpetrated a few days ago in the department. The driver is also stuck to S radicalization.

The police suspect the man then conduct burglaries among its customers, just after dropping them at the airport and have racked their personal information casually.

Dynamite and detonators

But it was during the search of the home of the driver that police will do an amazing discovery: four loaves dynamites and two detonators were seized, according to our information. According deminers cited by Europe 1, the explosive was operational and poorly stored, which could have triggered an unexpected explosion.

The use of the phone is underway. “Documents suggesting a radicalization” driver were seized, a source close to the case, it could be a photo of the flag of the Islamic State organization mentioned by Europe 1. All these elements it will have to explain in custody. Spot investigation was opened for acquisition holding band explosives and organized crime syndicates. The terrorism prosecutor of Paris has so far not received the case.


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