Wednesday, July 13, 2016

anonymous letter on the GIGN “a handful of malcontents,” the DGGN – The Point

On Wednesday, the General Directorate of the National Gendarmerie (DGGN) asserted that “no evidence to accredit a malfunction” in the use of the GIGN on 13 November, after an anonymous letter accusing police of their superior not to have engaged in Bataclan the evening of 13 November. “The anonymous writings were a reprehensible process and do not honor their (s) author (s),” said the police in a statement. The Director General of the Gendarmerie, Denis Favier – historical figure of the GIGN he ordered twice – due to “reaffirm any (s) has confidence” to the chief of the elite gendarmes, Colonel Hubert Bonneau

“disgruntled handle”

in this anonymous letter, addressed to General Favier, gendarmes of the Task Force of the national gendarmerie (GIGN) is strongly in Bonneau take the colonel himself accusing of being “little courageous” and not understanding “the intervention missions”. It is impossible to know how many gendarmes adhere to virulent words of the letter, but according to various gendarmes GIGN on condition of anonymity, it comes from a handful of disgruntled while many members of the force to elite have not been associated. Involved, including, as these anonymous soldiers evening jihadist attacks of November 13, which were 130 dead and hundreds injured. That night, a group of the GIGN has prepositioned at the request of the authorities, in a barracks in central Paris to respond to new attacks. “While we were operating 40 (…) ready to lead an assault, ready to stop the killing,” Colonel Bonneau “quietly waiting to be called,” accuse the authors of the letter, saying “shocked and traumatized by this event. ” The findings of the parliamentary inquiry into the attacks of 2015, which found that the police elite units (BRI and Raid) were enough to Bataclan, “are clear,” said the police in a statement “There is nothing to support the argument of a malfunction in the use of the GIGN. “

Meanwhile,” all officers and NCOs “GIGN showed their unity, condemning” firmly and substance of this letter “and reaffirming their support for Bonneau colonel, according to a Wednesday statement sent to AFP and signed by all 14 leaders and representatives of the different strengths of the group. They “deplore the virulence and the peremptory nature of the charges,” “that can only come from people on the sidelines.” Questioned by AFP, the rapporteur of the Parliamentary Committee Sébastien Pietrasanta Wednesday regretted “unhealthy jealousy is dangerous and exploits the pain of victims’ families.” “There is a frustration from the GIGN not be involved in the main hostage-taking occurred in France since the end of World War II, was he said. But to say it’s the fault of the boss is a reasoning completely off the plate. “


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