Thursday, July 7, 2016

Death of Clement Meric: reference to the foundation asked for four skinheads – Liberation

His death at 18 had caused a stir and Clement Meric has since become an icon to the antifa: three years on, the prosecution requested a trial at the Assizes for four skinheads involved in the brawl that killed the student.

on June 5, 2013, in the afternoon, skins and antifascists had crossed by chance in a private sale of clothing brands favored by both movements, right heart of Paris, Saint-Lazare area. After invectives, a brief scuffle had occurred in the street, letting down a student from Sciences-Po. His death had raised the specter of violence of the extreme right, at the time of violent militants were causing incidents during protests against the opening of marriage to same-sex couples.

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Then Interior Minister, Manuel Valls denounced a ” murder “ Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault promised to “cut to pieces” of extreme right groups. In the aftermath, the government had dissolved Third Way, which came from the skinhead, and his stewards, the Revolutionary Nationalist Youth (JNR), headed Serge Ayoub, a veteran of the movement.

but the investigating judges have turned to the thesis of a brawl gone awry. They had rejected an intent to kill in the indictments, including against two main blamed, Esteban Morillo and Samuel Dufour, aged 23, released after more than a year of detention.

in his submissions, dated 29 June, the Paris prosecutor asked to return the foundation for voluntary violence causing death without intention to kill. If he also asks that they be tried for possession of a weapon, in this case brass knuckles, the Crown did not accept its use in the blows that have been brought to Clement Meric, the source said.

“I hit your knuckles with”

If the investigating judges follow requisitions, two skinheads, 36 and 38, will be tried for willful violence in a meeting and weapon.

the survey attempted to establish the scenario that led to the death of the student activist of the Anti-fascist Action-Paris Suburbs. Three years later, doubts remain, including the possible use of brass knuckles to hit Clement Meric. SMS Samuel Dufour evening facts, revealed by an expertise in this direction. “I hit your knuckles with” , said one of them. “We battered them” , said another. But if Morillo recognized twice hitting the young “Antifa” face, just bare fist, Samuel Dufour ensures not having touched.

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