Friday, July 8, 2016

Labor law: the new mobilization is scheduled September 15 –

This Friday morning, CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL, LDIFs said they “give appointment to all employees, without employment, students, schoolchildren, pensioners for day of actions and initiatives 15 September for the repeal of the labor law and conquer new collective guarantees and safeguards “.

the seven organizations, which led 12 mobilization days between March and July to demand the withdrawal of labor law, without success, decided to make a summer break


As for the text that has sparked many discontents, he continued his accelerated courses in Parliament, with the help of section 49-3 for adoption without a vote.

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During the summer holidays, the unions call “all wage earners, are private-employment, students with , a student-nes, retirees to send a postcard to the President to assure him that they will always mobilized in September! “Said the Inter in a statement. However, unions do not count twiddling their thumbs during the holidays. Indeed, the FO and CGT had raised the toll free operations or disruption of movement of officials of the executive. In addition, they “denounce the restrictive conditions of events that prevented some-es to participate,” particularly during the last day of action on 5 July.

“Either we reform either accept the system as it is. “

” now the norm today is precarious and the CSD. So either we reform, either accept the system as it is. We must take what we do, “said for his part the Prime Minister Manuel Valls, in La Depeche du Midi. Speaking of resistance to the bill work, Manuel Valls regret that part of the left has “twenty years behind the changes in the labor market, changes in the business.”

according to him, “reformism” he “embodies” and that “also represents the CFDT” is “trying to apply” notwithstanding “disputes of trade unions and opposition in the Socialist group.”

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