Monday, July 11, 2016

Leadsom withdrew from the race, the Tories tempted by the austere leadership of Theresa May – Liberation

(Updated, Monday, July 11, 13:15 while Andrea Leadsom has announced its withdrawal from the election for head of the conservative party, leaving the field open to Theresa May for that it becomes the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom).

to be sure, she did it on purpose. History revive the ghosts. There is a week Thursday, June 30, Theresa May announced his candidacy for the head of the Conservative Party and therefore as prime minister. Standing in front of his desk, it looks different. The tweed suit harsh blue and green tiles, the wise white blouse and gray ash brushing carefully set: that day, Theresa May looks terribly Margaret Thatcher. While the UK turned on its head since June 23 and the referendum on Europe, why not summon the ghost of the “Iron Lady” and a time when the country had heard head and a voice or feared, Europe and in the world?

Theresa May has ignored the colorful dresses and extravagant shoes she likes usual. At 59, the pastor’s daughter – as Angela Merkel – is heavily favored to succeed David Cameron. After winning the majority of the 330 Conservative MPs, it now needs to convince the 150 000 members of the Conservative Party. At the helm of the Interior for six years, she was the only minister not to have left his position since 2010.

In the corridors of Westminster, Theresa May behind a reputation of seriousness, almost of austerity. No life and soul train for a penny, this woman with a deep voice never try prickly protrusions or gaming clever words. “I know that I do not practice a flaming policy she said. J e do not go around the shelves, I do not share the gossip at lunch time, I will not drink from the bar of Parliament. “

closed Micros

She has chosen to support the camp the REMAIN by loyalty to Cameron by real conviction. His minimal involvement in the campaign instead referendum as an acceptable compromise for supporters of Brexit. Wednesday on Sky News when he believed the closed microphones, the Conservative MP and very Europhile Kenneth Clarke is a little loose. “Theresa is a woman damned hard, he launched before adding in a big laugh: the same time, I worked with Margaret Thatcher. So … “ Tit for tat, Theresa May have countered face of Deputies: ” The next to find that I’m a damn hard woman will be Jean-Claude Juncker, “ President the European Commission.

May be little book. Just did it in 2013 revealed suffer from type 1 diabetes There are some days, she first said she and her husband, Philip May, had not been able to have any children. “It’s just not happened,” she simply told the Daily Telegraph . “It’s like this, she said often. must do with … “ And we must do with the fact that the ambition to become Prime Minister means to deliver to the public a part of their privacy in order to spare the massive intrusion of popular newspapers in his private life. only daughter, Theresa May grew up in Oxfordshire, west of London. Unlike David Cameron, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, she completed her schooling in public schools before joining the University of Oxford to study geography. Benazir Bhutto, the future Prime Minister of Pakistan, will present her husband financially. She works in finance, including the Bank of England. But is interested in politics since his teens. And in 1997, she became MP for Maidenhead, a town west of London.

“The Nasty Party”

In October 2002, at the annual conference of the Conservative Party she launched: “our base is too narrow, and sometimes our sympathies. You know how some people call us “The Nasty Party”, “ the party of the wicked. Two years later, David Cameron takes the party and campaigning for conservatism “one nation” (a nation), more open, more inclusive. In 2013, Theresa May voted marriage for all, one of the few measures survivors Cameron program. But it leans more to the right than the latter. His record as head of the Interior Ministry is mixed. She stood up to the US by blocking the extradition of British hacker Gary McKinnon. She also negotiated with Jordan an agreement allowing it to expel radicaliste preacher Abu Qatada, a blocked extradition by the European Court of Human Rights. But May has not halted immigration promise Cameron and subject that has weighed heavily on the referendum result.

If she becomes prime minister, as always, it “will do what it must be “ ” Brexit means Brexit “. The “will face” says that which feels best placed “to unite our party and our country, to negotiate the best deal possible on leaving the EU and to ensure that the UK works for everyone. ”

Sonia Delesalle- corresponding Stolper in London


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